eMotion LV1 requests

Hello, i’m pretty new to LV-1 but have some functional desires already. here’s my list (until now)

  • Easier programatic access to desk functions. eg: bypassing a rack plugin. Preferable via multiple protocols like MIDI and OSC (or as said before: grant OSC/MIDI access to all functions available to the assignable buttons)
  • Possibility to send a “hard state” to such controls, like “put rack plugin4 of channel 12 on bypass/enabled”.
  • Better documentation of available remote control interface. Like a midi-map, etc.
  • The possibility to make the TALK button latching.
  • Internal routing, make it possible to use outputs as channel input.
  • Color: I would love to have the possibility to color-mark my faders/channels
  • The possibility to use custom layers for the MyMon app.
  • some feedback from development team/product owner about the suggestions mentioned on this page.

Thank you!
Keep up the good work of developing this wonderful console!

Hi Steven

You can already make the talk button latching by going to the talk setup and hold the big talk button

You can assign Colors to the strip by selecting the channel and going to Preset>set channel color

And you have access to the custom layers on the MyFOH app

Good day :slight_smile:


Pointing me to the color-select helps a lot.

The latching of the talk button acts a little strange. as soon as I activate it the TB mic indeed stays on. but if I push us user-assignable button (linked to the TALK command), the TB mic switches off, but also back to non-latching mode.

The fact that the custom layers are available on the MyFOH app, does not really help. I want to setup a custom layer for the musicians so they have all instruments and the monitoring-reverb in a single view.
They use the MyMon app, and that seems to be capable of displaying the full mixer lay-out only.

BR, Steven

From the users phone/mymon app, press the MIX button (it has an eye symbol). From there, the user gets the option to pick what they want to see via the green check marks. Can hide all channels, and then just pick the ones you want to see. It has nothing to do with what you are doing at the console level.

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LV1 > Superrack converter
LV1 remote for superrack like digico console
Multiple servers working like Superrck

Hi there!

I recently implemented a LV1 setup in a corporate broadcast studio, and it’s working great BUT -
When they do very small webcasts there it would be very beneficial to be able to use a Streamdeck/Companion and control for instance mutes on the mics from a separate computer. So if Waves could develop a “Connection” for Bitfocus Companion, I know that I and many others would be extremely thankful!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Basic AuxFX SEND Master Fader control. We currently have to run an FX channel INTO another FX in effect limiting the useable AuxFX mixes to 4 instead of the listed 8. There is a Trim, but it doesn’t occur on the fader page and therefore takes too long to access. Shouldn’t take much to put the Trim as an FX Master Send.

Multi-touch for mac osx.
Yes the drivers exist. And work great.

Simple latch talkback mic.
Add presets to talkback for Ability to send talkback mic to certain monitors only.

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Need assignable dca’s for any assignable adjustable perameter, maybe dca knobs, one knob can be assigned all vocals compressor thresholds for example instead of driving all vocals into a single bus compressor.
AND see post fader meter at the same time as input fader.

In MyMon, I’d love to be able to hide and re-order the channels that are shown in the MyMon app. I’d like to do that from the LV1 and save that to the show. The musicians only need about 20 of the 60 channels I’m using, but they need to search through them all to find the ones they want. As things get added and removed, the channels start to fragment, similar instruments and vocalists are no longer grouped next to each other which makes finding things more difficult. I use custom layers to deal with that problem at front of house, but that is not available on MyMon.

MyMon doesn’t even display the channel numbers. At least if it did that I could tell them the number of the channel their looking for, that would make things easier.

Displaying the colors in MyMon would be nice too.


my LV1 wish list

FIT - push rotary pan/gain encoders to select channel. as far as I can tell, this button has no use in LV1.

FIT - touch n’ turn - option for push to select master channel instead of plugin parameter on/off.

^ these two would speed up navigation greatly for those of us who prefer to interact with the surface vs selecting the channel on the screen. without having to leave User or Flip mode.

FIT - touch n’ turn - encoder resolution controls. Currently too slow/high resolution to be very useful. “Press to increase encoder resolution.” is mentioned in manual but seems to have no effect.

Prev/Next channel shortcut, and arrows in color picker - follow channel order of Custom layer when on custom layer.

Color picker window- allow channel renaming

A fully assignable MIDI controller section, like in SuperRack

Server load shown as percentage, like in SuperRack

Scene crossfades, at least the faders.

SHOW MODE. lock out all network settings, plugin instantiation, any setting that can stop audio.

  • Ability to change pages in Flip Mode without having to reselect the aux and put it in flip mode.
  • Send FX to groups
  • Ability to control aux send via Link (for things like delay throws)
    FIT - push rotary pan/gain encoders to select channel.
    FIT - option for push to select master channel instead of plugin parameter on/off.

Visual feedback for buttons in Show window. Especially “Save” session, and “Store” show, just blink the button or something, like user buttons do. I always push it a couple times because there’s no indication if I hit that important button correctly.

Now that v14 is out, here is my running list of requests. It’s exactly the same as the last two years except the ability to add multiple servers was added. I wish the developers would start listening more to their users. These requests are pretty common and have been asked for for a long time. At $2000 for the 64 channel version, the LV1 is not a cheap system once you invest another $8000+ in the hardware infrastructure to make it all work. I’m starting to get frustrated that i’ve invested as much money as I have on software and hardware only to have LV1 treated as a what feels like a side project. I like the LV1 platform. I’ve been a Waves customer for 20 years and I renew my update plan every year but I’ve got to be honest, it’s getting harder and harder to fly the flag with every release.

  • Label talkback presets
  • Label Mute Groups
  • Allow CUE to be an input to the matrix (Done. Added in v13)
  • Rename user Define Key Labels
  • Scene Crossfades
  • Multiple SoundGrid Processing Servers (Done. Added in v14)
  • Assign FX to Groups
  • Option to have the mutes and faders on the FX busses control the input rather than the output so I don’t have to burn a monitor bus to do delay throws
  • Similar to EQ and dynamics, designate certain plugins as Effects and make that a selectable option in scene scope and recall safe
  • Allow direct midi or keyboard shortcuts to all functions that can be assigned to user define keys

New request for this year:

  • Allow MyFOH app to control all the functions of the default EMO F2, and D5 plugins. Looks like Q4 is taken care of in the latest version of the app.
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V14 multi Server is great and we definitely need that.

I still have a desperate list that is very frustrating.

LV1 needs 16 Groups
LV1 needs 32 Fx Channels
Ability to name Talkback buttons
Ability to name Function Buttons
MyMon should already display the Chan Colors
MyMon needs at least 10 preset buttons if not up to 15
MyMon needs 12 link faders at least!
3 mixer tab’s Please
Ability to connect 3 Fit controllers
A new FIT extender 16 channel fader to sit beside current Fit controller.
Support for Clarity VX Pro!!!

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  • Additional patch point for aux sends pre fader and from the middle of the plugin rack. Ideally it would be selectable from anywhere in the plugin rack.(Would make it possible to have just some plugins affect the monitor send and others not. It would help in not having to make separate monitor channels, and would speed up the workflow when mixing monitors from front of house.)

  • Input metering on FIT( Maybe it would be possible to add small meters to the channel displays of the FIT)