eMotion LV1 requests

• More mute groups
• More sub groups
• Ability to cascade servers for more dsp.
• Ability to route a group within a group while retaining latency compensation.
• Option to route any plugin post fader.
• Send the listen function of Plugins only to the cue bus.
• Clear peaks in the small icon of the custom layer tabs.
• Ability for assigned devices to retain their given name.
• A better way to navigate scenes from the drop-down menu with fewer sub menus.


Yes and more:

  • Patch change between scenes (for festivals please !)
  • Cue to matrix
  • Crossfade between scenes
  • Fader to send specific channel to aux

For scene, a load before recall will be cool


Adding to this,
1- More User Defined Keys were available (F1-F8 could be F1-F12)
2- Session structure like the Digico workflow where you can assign busses/matrixes etc from a list rather than 16/32/64 I/o presets.
3- Redundant Servers could be used alongside rather than as a spare… (maybe FX processing only as a start? or Rack A attached to 1 server, and Rack B attached to the other?)
4- HUI was supported, allowing XTouch’s to receive Metering Data
5- possiblility of making the User Defined Keys more script editor based like Digico’s macros. Or have more than one use assigned to each button.
6- OSC / More Key commands were included in the software
7- Secondary displays could have more than one screen open on it in the same tab, rather than having multiple windows open. eg, channel, patch and scene all on one screen, with mixer 1&2 and setup on the other.
8- Move faders off the screen to allow more space for Aux/Rack, etc, when using a controller
9- Scaleable GUI for LV1, even if its just 1080p rather than a full range of options.


@DanBamberAudio about what you said:

  1. Yes, a lot of user defined keys and maybe potar could be cool, with keyboard shortcuts and Mackie commands
  2. Could be great but it change completely the workflow and the licences. It will be a HUGE update, complete rethink of LV1
  3. That’s what @nikolakogr said about cascade server for more DSP. Today extreme server is too weak to handle 64 channels and 16 monitors with lot of processing.
  4. YES !
  5. Yes
  6. Yes, and/or keyboard shortcuts, for devices like streamdeck that can emulate keyboard
  7. Why not, i only use one screen, but i know what you mean
  8. Why not just go to channel window when you use a controller ?
  9. Maybe one day…

I think Waves does an incredible work with this console but today, some little things limit its use cases. By example, I’d love to put it on a festival, where a lot of sound guy could discover it but the patch is lock to one session…
I understand that the dev take time, and the console is young.
It will be cool if users could directly propose improvements to the Waves team and see the progress of the project, as MusicGroup with the X/M32
It will be incredible if users can have access to Beta version of the soft, not for production, but for REX.

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Totally love all this requests here

More mute groups
More sub groups please!

Fade times between scenes and more specific “scope “ of scenes

Allowing to recall only specific slots on specific inputs
Ex only plug in slot 3 on one channel is recalled.
The rest of the channel is safe


3- Redundant Servers could be used alongside rather than as a spare…

The ability to run the console on one server and do all the plugin processing on a second server would solve a lot of issues. I hardly run into any issues when using super rack but run out of horsepower quickly in LV1.

  • on “sends on fader” use the same color coding on the “send select” buttons (top row on fit) instead of the factory ones (f.e. I use different colors for InEar vs. Wedge monitor and for FX send Aux)

  • bus to bus routing : f.e. I normally group my drums and have a NY-style parallel group. Rest of the band is routed to another bus (maybe a touch of overall shaping on that group, more kind of ProTools like approach of mixing)

  • FX to group routing: f.e. I group my vocals and drums and band in extra groups, therefore gives me ability of overall tone shaping this groups. Also doing fast releveling - therefore I route my respective FX to the same group (f.e. vocal verbs and delay to the vocal group, so setting different level in the group doesn’t affect the ratio dry/wet)

  • headphone correction curve in the cue section → using headphone in live situation is kind of normal, but loud headphones (like the old trusty HD25 or SRH840) aren’t pretty linear. We use an love this tools in studio mixing (like NX and the respective corrections), so I won’t need the emulation of the room/space, but just near to linear headphones.

  • a trigger module: just a simple plugin like a SmackAttack,but with the ability to blend in a sample (f.e. to fatten toms, where massive cymbal-bleed is all day issue in live situation).

  • ability to accumulate the power of a second server - as someone already stated: it is pretty clear that routing audio to different servers is a big thing in terms of latency, phase coherency (where LV1 does a pretty damn good job!) etc. But maybe having just the mixer itself - the “backbone” so to speek - on one server and the plugins slot on another server (like an lv1 internal superrack) could be a better to realize option?


The biggest thing for me is scene fading. I love so much about how LV1 works. But having a fader level value snap is rough. It would add so much functionality to the system if they allowed crossfading of these values. I don’t even need it for plugin parameters. Just faders. I’m considering getting creative with HUI or MIDI input to make this happen.


Strong Second. We have 2 LV1’s and they are really great with DigiGrid IOX’s. The main ask to be totally happy with this platform would be to have the Show capabilities expanded.

I really think the server idea is brilliant. Would be more useful to have a more capable stable system than a backup to switch to. After 4-5 plugins on each channel and Extreme gets taxed after 20-24 channels.

Some of these have been posted by others already but here is my running list that I’ve been keeping:

  1. Ability to label Mute Groups
  2. Ability to label Talkback Presets
  3. MIDI and/or keyboard shortcut control of Mute Group On/Off
  4. MIDI and/or keyboard shortcut control of talkback presets On/Off
  5. Crossfade time when recalling scenes
  6. CUE Bus as input to Matrix
  7. Ability to route Groups to Groups
  8. Ability to route FX Channels to Groups
  9. Update screen resolution to at least 1080p
  10. Map plugin controls to FIT Controller encoders

Here are some additional feature and fix requests for LV1

-Add ability to delete/modify channel presets
-Fix FIT controller not remembering MIDI port I/O on startup
-Add global tuning key for Waves Tune Real-Time
-Make scene recall time faster
-Add ability to delete session files from inside LV1
-Add fade time to scene changes
-Fix LV1 not recalling saved channel count on mounted SoundGrid Driver device
-Add DSP usage level on individual plugins/racks
-FIT controller scribble strip too hard to read
-Fix input lag time on FIT controller layer change and fader flip buttons
-Fix some plugins not fitting inside LV1 plugin window
-Fix pan/stereo width pot controls not being easy to manipulate either with touchscreen or mouse
-Fix plugin slots not always responding accurately to touchscreen press in mixer window
-Add option to require mute group buttons to be long pressed before turning on/off to avoid accidental presses on touchscreen


Given what little I understand of the DSP server in LV1 I don’t think ‘cascading’ works. I think they would need to create a cluster with servers linked by 10Gbit (or higher) RDMA on the backend.

As a French LV1 Distributor I can only agree with what has been said.

  • Patch change between scenes.
  • Send the cue bue to a matrix.
  • Ability to design an input or bus, like a side chain on the cue bus that will always be activated regardless of what the cue is on (for example to hear the techs intercoms).
  • Crossfade time between scenes.
  • Ability to use one more than one server a the time.

These are some features that are HIGHLY requested by the users I do support for or in the demos.
If these features existed I can assure you I would personally sell a lot more of these babies !

And other features that would be great like :

  • LTC timecode scene change ( or event MTC since we can display MTC but not use it)
  • The supperrack design would be so beautiful on LV1

But dev team is doing an amazing job, thank you guys


Is there a way that 3rd party plugins are able to be utilised in LV1, can’t see any options outside of waves plugins… Looking to active drum triggers/samples etc

I don’t think that will ever happen

It can be done already using “external inserts”. You can use any plugin via this method.

It will come down to how much latency it adds, and if that is impactful to what you are trying to accomplish. Running something like a DAW or other host app like Gig Performer on your LV1 machine, or even an external machine, will setup the infrastructure for hosting external plugin. Your external plugins will not run on the SG Server.

BTW- Welcome to the forum and to the world of Waves eMotion LV1. I love this product for my live rig and for studio use.

Crossfades between scenes please! We all want it!

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2 Cue busses… Its really a must for Listen Wedge and IEMs on my shows.

Have an eMotion LV1 64 ch version with dual STG-1608’s, love all the plugins.

Greatest challenges with the system is the “boxed-like” approach to plugins, when will Waves be the first to seamlessly integrate the use of non-Waves VSTs/VST3s within their systems?

Processing vocals, for one company, Antares Harmony Engine and AVOX 4 Choir are instrumental for huge vocals on stage, Waves or it’s partners are not producing anything comparable, why?

If Waves will not add these types of plugins, they should also not adhere us as User to not be able to use those plugins that are available with the eMotion LV1 system.

Just thought that saying this out loud might stir some greater thinking and positioning from a major software developer like Waves…please, be the first, as always, to breakout this “boxed-like” approach, we love the systems, allow us as User to utilize the systems with all our gear, not just what you sell.

Thank you for your considerations!

@Synetos using an “external” plugin this way requires a second plugin host running simulateously and - please correct me if I’m wrong - an ASIO soundcard. Latency of the external insert then also depends on the buffer setting of this soundcard.

But shouldn’t it be easier if such an “external-insert” slot just calls a (non-waves) plugin directly. LV1 would act like a normal VST/AU host then, running the external plugin on the LV1 control machine and all waves plugins on the SGS.

For Superrack native it should be a non-brainer.

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