LV1 Crossfade ASAP

LV1 crossfade faders, pans, and basic console parameters as scope options between snapshots. This is a basic function of many standard consoles today.


1000% we HAVE to have this ASAP. Snapshots are so much less useful when everything just snaps instantly to the updates values. There needs to be an option for a few seconds of crossfade time in order to smooth out transitions between snapshots.


100% agree. It’s a must. Yamaha DM1000 from thousands of years ago can do it - why can’t LV1? I get it - they’re working on all kinds of things. But it would turn LV1 from a non-option to a no-brainer for a lot of people.


Just a friendly reminder to our friends at Waves that this is a must; many of us are out here mixing on LV1 every day, dying to get this feature so many cheaper consoles have. Even just a tip of the hat from the devs that it’s in the works would be fantastic. It’s insane that you can pay $10k on an LV1 rig and not have scene fading, but have it by default on a $2500 Yamaha TF. Not trying to whine about it. Just trying to keep the wheel squeaky.

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