LV1, MyMon, MyFOH bugs and feature requests


We’ve been using the LV1 for a couple years now and are enjoying it. We have it running on Windows 10 and we’ve recently upgraded to version 13. The LV1 has enabled us to do much more than we could with our previous board, Behringer’s X32. But there are a few bugs we’ve noticed and there’s always room for improvement. And there are a bunch of things that I miss from x32. I’ve jotted down a few thoughts I’ve had on how it could be improved.

Each point is marked as either a BUG or FR (feature request).


  • FR - Patching page: It needs to be harder to accidentally change patching. I propose: When you tap a square nothing changes. Instead the column and row are highlighted so you can confirm you’ve tapped the right square. If you tap and drag, it could highlight multiple. Then there could be another button to actually make the change. Or maybe a long tap could commit the change. Fatter scroll bars would be nice too. I’ve noticed that this process is much easier with a mouse. It’d be nice if, when using a mouse, it worked the same as it does now.

  • FR - I’d like to be able to change the main LR fader that is visible on all pages to be something else. I’ve got the mono bus feeding my bass bins, so the Main LR fader is useless on its own and therefore I’ve got wasted space on every page. I’d like to swap it out for DCA that’s linked to the LR and Mono buses.

  • FR - New settings called “Mono follows Main LR” and “Center follows Main LR” that, when enabled, will adjust the Mono/Center bus when LR is adjusted. The X32 does this.

  • FR - When sending a channel to the mono or center buses, it’d be nice to be able to vary the amount, like sending to any other bus. The X32 does this.

  • FR - Provide a way to link plugins together. I use waves tune real time on 3 or 4 vocals. I’d like to be able to change the key on one and have them all update. Right now it’s 3 or 4 taps to change the key for each channel - There’s not enough time for 12 taps between some songs or when the key changes mid-song.

  • FR - A DCA’s meter should show the meter in that group that has the highest value. It’s weird to have no meter when there is sound coming through. The X32 does this.

  • FR - Add an RTA to the EQ plugin. The X32 does this.

  • BUG - The input device that’s displayed at the top of the channel strip is ambiguous. If it says “1 Mic 1”, there’s no way to know if that is the first device in rack A or rack B. It should say “A1 Mic 1”. Or, better yet, there should only be one rack with 16 slots. I see no advantage to having two racks, it only leads to confusion. What’s its purpose?

  • BUG - I can separate window tabs, so I can move them to other screens, but I can’t have more than one window that combines more than one tab. If I have two screens, I’d like to put Mixer1 and Shows on one screen and everything else on the other, but that’s not possible. One screen can have one window tab and the other must have everything else. If a tab is pulled off, it can only exist by itself.

  • FR - I’d like to be able to name the channels on my stageboxes, or at least be able to see the names of the channel(s) that are using those inputs on the patch page.

  • FR - More tap points would be nice. Currently there’s: Input, Pre Fader, Post Fader, and Post Stereo Pan. I wish there were, at least, a couple tap points between plugin slots, so that I could send something to a bus post dynamics, but pre EQ, for example. X32 does this

  • FR - I’d like to enable/disable the mute on tap points. Currently, if I mute a channel then all of the sends are muted as well. This is good if I’m sending to a floor monitor, but if we’re using IEM’s and I mute, the musicians would still like to be able to hear it. X32 does this.

  • BUG - Channel meters need a visual representation of where the top is. The meters stop at zero, as they should, but it looks like it could extend all the way up to +10, which makes no sense.

  • FR - Being able to rename the User assignable buttons would be nice as it’s not always clear what their text means.

  • FR - I’d like to be able to do more with the assignable buttons. Like having one button toggle many things on many channels. For Example, I’d like to disable a plugin on 4 channels. Currently I need to use 4 buttons to disable the plugin on each channel. I’d like one button to do it all.

  • FR - I love that I’m now able to adjust the channel colors, but it’s harder to tell the type (channel, group, DCA, etc.) of a fader now. (Not that color codes are ever a good idea.) It’d be nice to have some indicator, an icon or something, to show a fader’s type, so when they’re on the same custom page it’s easier to see what it is.

  • FR - You have a huge advantage by not being locked in to a hardware controls surface. I think you’re missing a big opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. For the most part, you’ve modeled your UI similarly to other hardware sound consoles. This makes the learning curve more gradual, which is good, and most of it works well this way, but it seems like some things are limited that don’t need to be. I think more imagination is needed.

    • I don’t understand why each channel is limited to only 8 plugins. It appears it’s because that is all that fits on the screen, but you could make it scroll or there could be more columns. If I’m using 63 channels with one plugin each and I want one channel with 9 plugins, why is that not possible? There would be enough bandwidth for that.
    • Same with custom layers. More would be nice. And the ability to move them around, and between Mixer 1 and Mixer 2.
    • It’d be cool if I could split the plugin chain at any point. One side could go to the fader and the other side could go somewhere else. I’m thinking about monitors. So I would have a set of plugins that affect the house and another that affect the monitor. Currently I’m using another channel for that, but the monitor doesn’t need a fader and it would be nice if I didn’t need to use another channel for that.
    • I don’t really understand why there’s a distinction between custom layers and regular layers. My channels end up all over the place as I add and remove things, they’re not organized well at all, so I’d like to be able to move them around easily so they make more sense, but I can’t, that’s what custom layers are for, I guess. So I only use custom layers, I don’t need the regular layers, what are they for? Why not just remove them? The people using MyMon have a hard time finding things, because they’re using regular layers. If I could move channels around, they’d be much happier.
    • It’d be cool if the custom layers could be more customizable. This may take some imagination.
      • When adding channels, maybe, instead of a fader, a knob could be added which would take up much less space, or maybe we could adjust the size of the fader.
      • If channels could be knobs then many of them could fit in the same space that a fader takes up.
      • I’d like to be able to add individual parameters from plugins to a custom layer either as knobs or faders. I’ve got the overall volume of my reverb on a custom layer, next to my vocalists. It’d be nice to have easy access to quickly adjust the decay of that verb as well right beside that, or as a knob above it.


  • BUG - Since version 13, I see that the effects have been added and a default mix is selected automatically. I don’t need the effects in there, but I see how that could be useful. The default selection has caused me some headache though. By default the first FX mix is selected automatically, but, for me, that is the instrument reverb. Not knowing right away about the FX being added, it took me a while to figure out why things kept getting sent to the inst verb. Nothing should be selected by default, they should always have to explicitly choose a mix.

  • FR - I’d like to be able to show/hide mixes that are available for selection for all users.

  • FR - It’d be nice if the colors I set on channels were visible on the MyMon app.

  • FR - The people on stage don’t need access to every channel/Group. They often have trouble finding the channels they need, and those channels are often not beside each other. I’d like to be able to hide channels they don’t need and have that saved in my session. Re-ordering channels would be great too. I guess I’d like to be able to define a custom layer for the MyMon app, but I don’t want to share one of the custom layers on the LV1 (unless you give me more of them). It needs to be separate - only for MyMon.

  • BUG - The channel numbers should be visible in MyMon. Many times musicians ask where a channel is. What can I tell them? I can’t say the page that it’s on since I don’t know how many are displayed on their screen. If I could just say the number, then they could find it much easier.


I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Thank you for finally delivering.

  • BUG - The mute buttons get out of sync sometimes. If I mute with a mute group on the LV1, then try to unmute on MyFOH, the channel does unmute, but the mute button on MyFOH continues to flash.

  • BUG - Changing pages or switching to custom layers on LV1 or MyFOH causes the view to change on the other. This is unexpected and serves no purpose, so it must be a bug. There’s many times when it’d be nice to have two people making changes at the same time. The view I’m looking at shouldn’t change because of what someone else is doing.

  • BUG - When the rack is shown, and I’m using a custom layer with DCA’s and channels, the faders are not all the same size. The channels have the buttons to turn on/off EQ, dynamics, etc., but the DCA’s do not and stretch the whole height. This makes it hard to compare faders to each other and is awkward.

  • BUG - The fadres and meters have no scale markers. They need numbers, I don’t know where zero is.

  • FR - Full screen should be configurable. I’d like to be able to see the time and whether I’m connected to Wifi.

  • FR - Obviously there’s a lot more features that could be added here that I’m sure you’re already working on. I’ll just mention my top request: Patching. Our stage boxes are a long way from FOH. So many times I’ve needed to run backstage to change something and get interrupted on the way and I’d forgotten what I needed to do by the time I got there. Being able to check/adjust routing remotely would be wonderful.

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