Important Note about **macOS 10.15 Catalina**

Exactly :slight_smile: usually a better deal!
check out all you upgrade options here: https://www.waves.com/account/upgrades

Yeah I feel you guys. Talk about bad value for money. Appreciate Apple have made it hard for developers with Catalina, but no other companies are shafting their customers the way Waves are. Soundtoys, Izotope, Zynaptiq etc – the updates for Catalina were all free. Won’t be buying any Waves products again, I’m sure many customers will follow suit.


I’m with you, I’m dead in the water since my macbook pro died and the replacement only supports catalina. Many of my recent projects have instances of Studio Rack and now I cant look at my settings as Studio Rack is not compatible with Catalina. I think I need a vacation from Waves. Somehow, all of my other VSTs and hardware makers figured out how to be catalina ready.

Hi @emersonally,

I really understand your frustration with this,
We continue to develop the SoundGrid platform, and are working hard to enhance the future compatibility of Waves applications, specifically StudioRack and SoundGrid Studio. I do not have an ETA yet, but it is definitely in the works.

So to be clear, there is no way to use my MGB as an interface with my new laptop (2019 MBP Catalina) My old laptop was stolen and the new one came with Catalina.

Also tracks live is dead until further updates from waves?

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Hi @derek.williams and all on this thread.

Unfortunately, that is currently the case, but…

We are pleased to let you know that new versions of SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack are in development, with several updates expected this year.
Waves are working to ensure that the new versions are compatible with Waves V11 plugins and macOS Catalina, and have new exciting features.
The first release in this series of updates is scheduled for Q2 2020.

When can I expect Tracks Live compatibility with Catalina please?

Hi @staffjake,

Tracks was developed on a 32bit open source code and cannot be supported in 64bit OS such as Catalina.
At the moment we do not have an ETA or plans for a 64bit compatible version of tracks.
In the meantime, we have qualified Reaper 6.0 as fully Supported with Soundgrid for recording and playback. It is a free application. I recommend you use that for now. And hey, it’s a great fully featured DAW as well!

Seems like that open source shortcut may have been a very poor engineering decision. No sweat in Windows-land, but your Tracks Live Support makes it pretty clear: No Catalina. End of.

Hey @NothingLikeThe80s (so true, there is nothing like the 80’s!)

Yes, Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 are 64bit operating systems, but they do allow 32bit applications to operate without restrictions.
OS Catalina, however, is limited to only 64bit applications, hence the limitation.

I think having to pay to just use what I have ALREADY paid for is tantamount to ransomware! I am aware that the developer has costs in making their apps convert to 64 bit and Catalina compatible, but this should be part of their overhead/operating cost, and not an excuse to gauge their user base just to pay for using what they have already bought!!! I would have thought that V11 should be free and that would buy user respect and commitment and further purchases, instead of driving users away!

In contrast, I have a significant dollar investment in Fujifilm X system, but Fuji provides FREE of charge the firmware updates, which have included even new functionality, not just fixes. As a result, I have now 3 camera bodies and 21 lenses! I don’t think I will be buying any further Waves plugins at this rate, as I find their lack of supporting the user base unacceptable.

FURTHERMORE, if Waves is aware that the current Waves Central v11.0.55 does NOT work if the user has USB drives plugged in, then they should IMMEDIATELY withdraw that version until they have fixed the problem, instead of leaving the users in the pooh without a notice. If I was CEO of Waves, I would sack my development manager on the spot!!! The current lack of support is verging on the criminal.

Not acceptable! You should IMMEDIATELY withdraw Waves Central v11.0.55 and roll back to a working previous version, until you have this fixed. At the VERY LEAST, you should add a message to v11 to say “Please disconnect USB Drives before staring this App!”.

We, the users, can understand that programming problems can arise, but cannot understand why Waves does remedy the situation as I have outlined. Waves is succeeding in driving user confidence into the basement!

Hi @pszilard and welcome to the Waves Forum,

We understand your frustration and thanks for voicing this. Your feedback has been heard loud and clear.

As you expect, resolving this issue is of highest importance to Waves. We have have been working hard towards a remedy and the fix is expected to be released next week.

Hi everybody, I have a problem to install Soundgrid Studio.

I go to waves central, install all the products I need. At the end, a message appears that all is OK.

Go to applications, and Soundgrid Studio is not there. Open again waves central and in the right part of the application window, the green tick on “installed” is only on my MGB driver, but not Soundgrid studio.

I think is something of Catalina are blocking, but I check everything, and its OK.

Can anyone help me with that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there @MikeBehrendt, welcome to the Waves forum!

As you can see here, in the Tech Specs page of SoundGrid Studio, is is not supported in OS Catalina 10.15. This is the reason it is not working.
As I mentioned above, earlier in this thread, new versions of SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack are in development, with several updates expected this year.

Waves are working to ensure that the new versions are compatible with Waves V11 plugins and macOS Catalina, and have new exciting features.
The first release in this series of updates is scheduled for Q2 2020.

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The Waves Central fix is released (11.0.56). You can launch Waves Central and it will auto-update. Now there is no need to disconnect USB devices.


If I may make a suggestion and a request:

Apple released the developer beta of macOS Catalina on June 3, 2019.
It is now March 17, 2020. That means it has been 288 days since Waves had access to the Catalina beta.

Moreover, Apple releases a new macOS operating system on the same schedule every year. It is not surprising. It is predictable. They do this intentionally so developers like yourself can make plans and have your software ready in time for launch.

As a customer, I have spent $2500 on a Soundgrid server, and several thousands more dollars on various plugins over the years on the way to now owning the Mercury bundle.

For reasons outside my control, I was forced to upgrade to Catalina on my studio computer. This means I am now the proud owner of a $2500 paperweight.

I would understand if this was still September, October, maybe even November or December. But it’s mid-March. We are 288 days since the developer release of Catalina.

I think you well understand this frustration, so I won’t sit here and yell. Instead, I respectfully suggest you take time this year to re-evaluate your development process to bring compatibility updates on or very soon after each yearly OS update.

If it means reducing the number of new products you release, so be it. The cost of acquiring a new customer is far greater than the cost of keeping an existing customer. The music production software industry is more saturated than ever before. It’s time to make some serious internal changes if you plan to stay relevant and successful.

On behalf of all of your customers who want to see you succeed, Waves is better than this. Please do better.

In the mean time, I’m excited to see that Q2 2020 Soundgrid Studio update.


I totally agree. It’s fair time that Waves rewards us with great news, and allow us to use the Waves and SoundGrid tools as expected when we acquired them. There’s many of us waiting patiently and not willing to downgrade operating systems at all.

@turtletheory and @arturovarak,
Thank you for your feedback.

We hear you and understand your frustration. Please understand, due to the integrated systems required for SoundGrid, completely re-writing and testing our SG applications for both Live and Studio have been no short undertaking.
We are working on making the upgrade the best possible with additional features and expanded workflow.
We appreciate your patience and support.

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I talked to one of your support specialists and they said that “Hey, StudioRack is a free program, dont get upset at us if it doesn’t work!” Well, maybe that’s true. But, the hardware that actually allows you to offload the processing to SoundGrid definitely wasn’t free. And, now, I cant even use it with my DAW. Pretty lame. Waves isn’t the only company that had to work magic to work with latest OSX. But, they’re definitely one of the slowest and rudest companies that I’ve had to deal with in this. Everything else works right out of the box. No complaint from my UAD stuff. C’mon Waves, get with the program!

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