Soundgrid Studio no longer available for purchase

Curious to know what this means and brings…
Must be another solution in development surely??

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Same here! I own a small SoundGrid system (DiGiGrid D/IOX/Extreme Server-C) and it has grown to become a crucial component of my workflow.

I’ve been testing LV1 and it has worked very well, but it does not switch sample rates in response to a change of sample rate by the OS/DAW.

If Waves’ plan is to kill SoundGrid Studio, then (in my opinion) they should fix this issue with LV1 and offer existing SoundGrid Studio license holders a free crossgrade to LV1 (along with the balance of their WUP transferred.)

Yes, Waves would be losing out on LV1 license sales. But, it would be a gesture of goodwill to those who have invested in the SoundGrid platform and ensure that users’ investments are protected.

please dont kill soundgrid studio.
I have been using Soundgrid studio really well.


This is bad news

I hope one of the moderators will reply to us
I invested in Waves hardwares and left other companies because of Soundgrid Studio
And I completely paid and updated my plan even though I don’t work with Waves plugins intensively

Hi everyone.
Firstly, we’re not killing SoundGrid Studio. What we have done, is discontinue the higher track count versions but this doesn’t mean that the platform is dead, or that SoundGrid Studio is being killed. Douglas let me know if you’d like to chat about this more.
Michael Pearson-Adams
Product Manager


Actually, I don’t see a good reason for doing this
I am using version 32 and I want to increase the features, not decrease them

What bothers me most is that there is no convincing reason why the mixer does not work without a server, which is very provocative. I have more than 5,000 dollars of waves equipment , and I have almost all kinds of plugins that you make.
And I upgrade periodically. All competing companies, such as RME TOTALMIX,UNIVERSAL AUDIO CONSOLE do not require any additional money. Now, I do not know what you are doing, but it is clear that you will complicate the matter more.

I hope you accept my opinion as A CUSTOMER

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I would, hopefully, assume that there is a succession plan in place for something to replace Studio.

I hope so, and I hope to give us some freedom in using the SGstudio Mixer without a server, as it is really something that makes me think of selling all my devices and investing in a company
If the alternative solution is LV1
I’ll selling all my Waves plugins + Hardwares and getting rid of this story

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Soundgrid Studio is on crossroads of choice

  1. 64ch DSP mixer only use standalone by itself . alike UAD console.

  2. few channels with lots of studiorack channel style must using with DAW .like inline console .

Which way will waves go…

The part I dont like is the mystery. Why stop selling it without an announcement or explanation? Why not just keep selling it until the new solution is available?

@mpearsonadams Can you explain to us about the details
Every day I enter the forum waiting for your response and clarification


Any info on the future plans for SGS is welcome. I just recently upgraded to the 32 Channel version and have heavily invested in Waves Hard- & Software.

How i can get SoundGrid Studio version 32/64 channels? Any other solutions? I hope it is not LV1 Mixer…
Serj Haller

@mpearsonadams can u please answer to us ?