Waves V9 plugins incompatible with Mac OS Big Sur?

Hi all,

I tried installing my V9 Waves plugins using the legacy installer and have had no luck. I’m prompted with the following message in Waves Central when attempting to offline install via the legacy installer: “This installer is not supported on your OS.” Has anyone encountered a similar issue and is there a fix that doesn’t require purchasing the upgrade to the latest version? Am I doing something incorrectly?



Only V11&V12 are compatible with Big Sur.
You can try V9/V10.
It is not officially supported, but it does not mean it won’t work. It just means it was not tested well enough to call it compatible.
Apple M1 chipsets aren’t supported officially by Waves as yet.

Here’s the official bit…


Same problem, but not M1…
Macbook 16, big sur.

I have a lot of v9 plugins, and I got also the “os not supported” when I try legacy installer.
ALL of my other plugins work; Slate, NI, Izotope, Valhalla, Soothe…

Is there any way to get this working…?

I’ve got a solution.
Just edit “MacOS” :“10.10” to “MacOS” :“0.0” in a json file which is in
Waves - 24.5.18/Installers/V9/instl/minimum-requirements.json

Then install V9 plugins from Waves Central L.


Hi @thomaberg

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With the release of OSX 10.15 Catalina, Apple dropped all support for 32-bit components. Due to this, Waves V9 plugins will not work properly and need to be updated by renewing the Waves Update Plan coverage and updating the license .

Waves V12 plugins are fully supported in Mac Big Sur, as described in our System Requirements .

I hope this information helps.

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So that I understand this correctly: I have to buy an update plan for my already purchased V9 plugins?

Then you can never buy plugins at Waves and plan for the future. I have a bunch of V9 plugins (E-Channel, G-Channel, Greg Wells Signature Bundle, …) that are no longer usable unless I buy the update plan?!
Not very customer friendly, it is money-making. How about: Customers can update their plugins because they have already paid for them? Just a matter of time before that happens with V10, V11, etc. You should really think about a purchase in the future…

Found something on how to work around the whole thing: Here’s a guide on what to do to get V9 plugins running. Works up to macOS 12.2.1:
Search for: how to install waves v9 plugin on macOS (you can also find it via soundonsound, it is from denivel.blogspot) and follow the instructions.