Waves Plugins on Macbook Pro with M1 Processor

Hey team, considering the processor isn’t running in x86_64 - any idea when you might have run some initial testing for things like Superrack?

Apparently it performs well virtualising x86_64 too though.

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Hi @zac welcome to the Waves forum.

Although our main folder is placed in the x86 folder on Windows, all the latest products (including SuperRack) do run in 64bit.

Both Windows and Mac.


That is not an answer (or acknowledgement) to the question.

The question is specifically requesting expected compatibility for Apple Silicon processors.

Development kits have been available since the end of June, and Mac’s with the M1 processor start shipping this week.

Is Apple Silicon compatibility in development or being looked at?


+1 also interested when VSTs will be ported to run natively on Apple silicon

Hi @zac,

I apologize for misunderstanding the question.

After consulting this, I would like to inform you that we are working on qualifying the new processors with our products, however, I don’t have an ETA at the moment.


Considering it’s a completely new architecture and Apple always plays its cards close to the chest it would have been quite difficult getting a head start on qualifying Waves’ dizzying array of plugins.

So imagine this might take a little time.

Totally. We’re not expecting a definitive timeline on when testing & various fixes for the entire product range is implemented, but something like “hey guys heads up it currently does not work in all expected situations” with an idea of when more information will be available - is an expectation we should have after handing over tens of thousands of dollars in hardware and software purchase decisions and the vendor lock-in we experience by using waves in the first place.

I’ve seen videos of people running ridiculous numbers of WAVES 12 plugs in the latest version of ProTools under Big Sur on the new MacBook Air M1’s… (obviously via Rosetta 2).
So…whilst, obviously not supported, they appear to be working.


That’s really good to know. Do you have a link to any of those videos? Just going through the process of sorting a rig to do my own testing with before committing to a computer overhaul.

The main one, that really blew my mind, was on Facebook. I thought I saved the link, but I didn’t… going to have to hunt it down. Will let you know if I can find it.

Found it…


That video is utterly amazing. That’s really great to know. Thanks for posting!

You can only imagine what their high performance desktop chips would be like!! :flushed:

+1 Following - loving my M1 so far for everything other than music production. Really excited for all my software to be compatible so I can move things over.

I see I’m late to the forum & specifically the issue of M1 compatibility. However I can confirm if anyone’s in any doubt that none of my Waves plugins work on my new M1 Mini. In fact the only external plugins that I have that DO work are Focusrite Red Compressor & EQ. I asked Waves Customer Service if they had a timeline and they can’t give one. Hope it’s soon, I’d only just bought a few morea few days before getting the Mini in the hope of blistering performance…oh well, I’ll keep waiting.

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I’m also waiting for compatibility of the Horizon bundle. Still the plugins aren’t showing up after a successful validation in the plugin manager of Logic X. Keeping my fingers crossed here!

Just checking if there’s any update on M1 compatible waves updates!?
I miss my bbies :frowning:

From a business perspective it would probably pay for Waves to wait a bit longer and release M1 compatibility in V13.

Sucks but watch this space. Means that lots of people moving to the new system will have to fork out £240 for the update plan.

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Hi all,

We are indeed still qualifying our products to Officially Support the new M1 processors.

In the meantime refer to our Apple M1 Processors and Rosetta 2 Emulator article with all the latest notes and findings.

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Is there any estimation on how long it’s going to take?

I think Fabfilter already converted their plugins to M1 natively.

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