M1 (Apple Silicon) and Waves compatibility timeline?

Having seen a few devs such as Fabfilter and Valhalla successfully making their plugins natively available for Apple Silicon, I’m just wondering what Waves estimated timeline is to release Waves V12 for the new M1 chip?

My main plugins used on every project are by Waves so to have it natively on Apple Silicon would be a huge improvement since the Rosetta translation drains the battery and also causes compatibility issues sometimes.

I hope Waves doesn’t wait until V13 because that would have me resort to substitutes.

I mean, Waves is amongst the most competent plugin devs on the market so I suppose it shouldn’t be much of a problem for them?

A rough estimate would be nice to hear.


I tried reaching out to them through chat the other day and the person helping me said they don’t have any updates (now over 3 months since their last post on the support page). Its a shame, I use their live products (digigrid) and they are basically the last software I use to have support on M1. I am hoping its soon as the power:cost on the new Apple silicon is amazing and I want to implement it into my system.

I’ve been wondering about this. My music laptop is about 6 or 7 years old and ready for replacement and while the current gen looks pretty sweet the M1 seems like a much more future-proof investment.

I refuse to buy any more waves plugins until they provide support for M1. If they don’t its like them saying they no longer support macs.


I would highly doubt that they are gonna make M1 compatability for free.
Expect it to be the most teased feature in V13

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Many of us are active users of your plugins, we urgently need the update for the M1 chip, it would be unfortunate to migrate to other alternatives that can support us. With the change to this new chip, those of us who use Apple are not going to buy more Intel because surely Apple will stop putting it on their computers in the near future and we are not going to make an investment in a computer that will be obsolete in the coming years. We need to understand how important the urgent update of your plugins is for us.


Add me to the list of those anxiously awaiting M1 native support. Adobe Audition released M1 native this week. Now I need my Waves plugins to work!

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Also looking forward to this update. Please don’t make us pay for it!


At what point is it reasonable to expect an update from this company?

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ADD ME TO THIS!! @waves get your stuff together. I’m still having to use a 2013 MBP to run Multirack while I wait for SUPERRACK SUPPORT

It will take time. How many plugins do they have?? 200?? More?? It’s such a HUGE catalogue to wade through, so much more than any developer. It’s not even a fair comparison really.

The principle is simple really, if they have 10x more plugins then it’s going to quite possibly take them 10x longer. It’s not about having your ■■■■ together, its simple basic logistics.

The last thing you want is them rushing through it, pushing it out prematurely only to have huge number of buggy and instability issues with it. I rely on their stuff, I’d much rather they take a little bit longer to get it right.

Surely it is a huge catalogue but they could simply release plugins one after another instead of waiting for all of them to be done.

Don’t forget that a lot of plugins share the same source code and can be ported as a package.

Not to mention that hey had already released ARM plugins for IOS: H-Delay, Waves Tune Realtime, Audiotrack, L1 and Q10.


They are simply waiting because of marketing and revenue reasons, meaning they’ll launch it with V13 / V14.

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It’s a bit more complicated than that as all their plugins rely on the same framework. Then of course there is the testing and bug fixing as well as finishing off any projects they were in the middle of doing.

It’s never as simple as it seems.

Im looking into the page where they add updates about compatibility, and there is no update since January. They have a lot of plugins, yes, but they are also a bigger company than others, and should be capable of moving this forward. It’s been one year now since Apple announced the new M1 Apple silicon, and made available the Mac mini for developers. Frustrating that they don’t even say a word about their timeline… :thinking: Please provide us with the SoundGrid Driver for M1 macs!!


I’m highly dependent on Waves plugins for both music og video production. And right now I’m in-between computers; coming from a 2009 Mac Pro that just doesn’t cut it anymore, I’m in the market for a new pro/prosumer Mac. And since there’s no way I’m going to shell out the out-of-this-world amount that Apple charges for the 2019 Mac Pro, I’m looking at a spec’ed out M1 mini or iMac to close the gap until Apple releases a more pro-oriented M1X/M2 Mac (not going with another Intel machine). BUT: Where is the M1 Waves compatibility, even through Rosetta, for Logic Pro and Adobe Premiere? Every other plugin that I use works very well now (NI, Spectrasonics and more).

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It doesn’t matter how complicated it is.

We still deserve an update and a timeline.

Development projects work to plans.

They can give an update and set expectations rather than this NOTHING we get.


Actually I would recommend holding off to see what Apple does for their higher-end desktops. Specifically the more powerful iMacs in your case. Don’t know when that will happen, but it can’t be far off.

You’d just end up kicking yourself if you buy one machine and a month later they have something 4x as powerful for only few hundred more. It’s what I would do personally.

I find that hard to disagree with. I think you’re right. I would have thought releasing things in batches would be a better approach, yet that hasn’t happened.

Although, they didn’t do this. It seems like a pretty obvious and logical move so the question reminds why haven’t they?!? Also, I don’t think Ive seen them release anything new in the last 6 months, I could be mistaken, but this also would be uncommon for them.

The only thing I can rationalise from all this is they pretty much have all hands on deck working the solution and the reason why they havent released things in batches is maybe they couldn’t. At least, not in a way that would be reliable and stable.

But hell man, I’m still waiting on NI to update Battery and Reaktor so I can just upgrade my operating system, forget about M1!!

Agree, and I’m truly excited to see what Apple brings to the table with the M1X/M2. However, I need a Mac right now for a video editing project, and I have borrowed an M1 Mini temporarily, since my old MP 5,1 is way too slow. So, what do one do in this situation? Waves plugins only work on Intel Macs… And there’s no way I can justify the asking price for the only Intel Mac that’s powerful enough: the Mac Pro. I could go with a 2020 i7 iMac, but those are noisy and expensive, also second hand. It would be stupid, I feel, to go that route. The M1 Mini seems to be just about fast enough to do a pretty decent job… but it’s locked out of the Waves universe for now, which makes it difficult to do a proper sound mix that matches previous projects.

I’m still baffled then as to why you are still using Apple, been happily on Windows since 2016.