Why is downloading my plugins failing and or taking all day

this downloader and process of getting my plugins is trash. im glad i canceled my subscription to studioverse because this ■■■■ is wack. i left it going for hours came back it failed doing it again its frozen… Ive wasted a whole freakin day staring at this pos downloader. i will literally never buy another waves plugin again

Hi @psychlo0015,

If submitting a support ticket Contact Technical Support is not an option.

You can reach our Support Team over the phone at +1-865-909-9200 ext. 1 when in need, this will most likely save you time and effort.

Are you installing samples at the same time??

When the Central installation process hits the samples it looks like the process freezers up and Central hangs. That’s because those files are big and the progress bar only gets updated after its all downloaded. It’s very confusing.

If you think this might be related to your problem, what I suggest is to try installing the plugins first, by deselecting the HD/SD options. Once they have installed correctly, then try installing the HD samples only and for the third time around the SD samples.

Feedback for @Adi.Waves

Because I have seen many people report this issue over the course of a year or so I think it might be an idea for Waves to look at breaking up the sample files into smaller logical downloads. This should give Central a chance to install each part and update the progress bar without people feeling like Central has become non-responsive.

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Thank you @simon.a.billington for the feedback and suggestion, although download fails or slow downloads can occur due to many reasons, downloading all the plugins along with Sample Libraries might indeed be challenging in some cases depending on the network.

I will relay your feedback to our Team.

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Yes I do understand there are other reasons for slow downloads or fails.

I was hoping that by addressing the immediacy of the feedback relating to sample downloads it might help confirm or eliminate the samples as a cause of the issue. Making things a little bit easier in terms of diagnosing issues.

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