Waves tune real time won't instal

I have a problem since 1 week, when I install Waves Tune Real Time (it’s my only plugin from Waves), Waves Central tells me that everything is working correctly when in reality the file where I want to download it remains empty .
Someone can help me?
thank you in advance

Hi @planckeel.olivier and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean by saying the file remains empty?
Which file are you trying to open and where?
What DAW application are you using and what is its version?

Hello Gurik, sorry if my English isn’t really good I’m french😉
When I want to install a plugin Waves Central create an empty folder “Waves Sample Libraries”. But there is nothing in it and I don’t find the plugin anywhere.
I’m using the last version of Fl Studio and the last version of Protools but I don’t think it has a relation.

Hi @planckeel.olivier

The Waves Sample Libraries folder is irrelevant, since it is related to the digital instruments (such as Grand Rhapsody Piano for example), that require samples in order to operate.

As per Waves Tune Real-Time, in order to find the plugin in FL Studio try following the steps provided here.

In order to find the plugin in Pro Tools - refer to this article.

In case the issue persists, feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your plugin.

Good luck!

The tech support is not answering my call despite the fact they mention their working hours are between 3 am and 12 midnight.

I have problems with wave tune quick time. nobody can help me. This plug in is the only v14 plugin in my v13 waves central app. I update it to the last version but still doesnt work. I did all the sugestion found of waves web. The chat support sugested to get in touch with tech team by phone or email or check some timps on web… On the web , the tip that sugest to uninstall and reinstall the plugins could be distructive for our daw projects because when you uninstal you can not install it back and you may loose the settings of your mix because your plugins crash . I was lucky to pres the repair button in settings (not because someone sugested) and the plugins was reinstalled. You should put that in the tips as well to avoid worst.

Hi @emanuelwicenzzi,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

I see your reported issue was addressed over a week ago and you were provided with all the information and exception regarding your system.

Hope you have a great day