Waves Central not loading

Waves Central just automatically(!) updated to v12 today on both my MacOS and Windows 10 setup. Since it’s done that, it is taking an absolute age to load - I just get the progress bar. After about roughly 15 -20 minutes, it’ll finally open - but then it won’t show any of my products.

I’ve cleared cache (both on Waves Central and my MacOS), restarted, re-installed, rebooted, and just about every other re-thing I can think of. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Same here… Tried all morning, really need the plugins to proceed

Yep, exact same for me as well. Windows 10.

I’ve got the same problem and even further. Waves Central finally loaded up after 10-15 minutes of waiting (it says fixing smth), but all of my installed and activated plugins are gone.
Macbook Pro, OSX Mojave 10.14.6, Ableton Live doesn’t see anything except EchoSphere VST, even after rescanning all plugins.

Same here (Holland) pls fix this ASAP!!!