Waves Central Issue, offering me only V11 Versions of Platinum Bundle

Hi there, for some unknown Reason, in the Middle of Working on a Production my DAW couldnt find some Plug ins anymore. So i started Waves Central, it gave me an instant Update to Version 13.1.4 which i didnt know anything about of since i am working on Windows 8 and wasnt able to buy new Stuff for quite a while.

To repair my System of Plugins, i deleted all Waves Stuff via Central, and wanted to re-install everything.

BUT, besides V10 Versions of most of the Plug ins, it selected me the Platinum Bundle as V11 Download ONLY, which wont work on my PC. As you might have thought, i absolutely need them to continue and finish my Production!

What am i supposed to do?

Thankful for a Solution.

P.S.: As well i continously have the Problem that i want to install everything on Harddisk “D” and it always keeps telling me not enough Space on “C”. This is driving me nuts!

Try this link here, you might be able to download the installer directly from their site, look under Legacy.


See if you can get them working, then maybe look into the reason why Central isn’t working as advertised for you.

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Thank You, i will try Version V10, cant remember what i had before - but 4.8 GB Data? Geeeez…

Edit: I downloaded and unpacked that Giant V10 Legacy File, started the Waves Central Installer - it started to install, showed "newer Version available " and boom, we ended again with Version. 13.4. Uaaargh.

Dont ask me how, i fixed it. I took the V10 Legacy Files, went on a trip to Mordor, threw a Cubase Dongle into the Flames, did an Offline Install Thing, scanned all Folders and after a restart of MiddleEarthsoft 8.1 all PlugIns are back in the Mix, PHEEEW, Thank YOU!

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Man that does sound like a very arduous effort. Did you remember to pack enough Elven Bread for the journey?? :upside_down_face:

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