White screen GUI on plugin load up


I’ve been using Waves V9 Gold Pugins in Ableton just fine for years. This is the first time I’ve encountered any issues.

Opened up a new project in Ableton after christmas, when I dragged a waves plugin onto a track, the GUI window was just white and then Ableton crashed. I opened Waves Central to see if there was anything new going on there, and got a prompt to update my licences, which I did. Now I have V12 licences but no working plugins. Yay!

I opened a ticket with support and got a reply, instructing me to clean uninstall and reinstall and delete a load of local app data, roaming app data etc etc, which I’ve done numerous times. I have exactly the same white GUI problem each time, regardless of whether I install the V12 or V9 Gold bundle.

Upon loading Ableton for the first time after these reinstalls, the program performs the routine plugin scan, during which I can see it sifting through the waves plugins. When the program GUI loads, a Waves error window appears that says “failed to execute script waveslocalserver”.

Any ideas what’s going on? I’ve seen some similar threads that mention VPNs and external HDs as potential causes, both of which I use.

Running Ableton Suite 10, Windows 10, Dell G5, i7-10750H, 16GB RAM.



Hi @no1hardrijder welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

I suggest continuing the case with TechSupport, which should be able to assist with such issues.