My Waves plugins aren't working in any DAW


I was wondering if anyone had the same problem recently as of July 2021.
A few days ago I woke up to a shocking reality that all my Waves plugins just stopped working all of the sudden. I tried reinstalling all of my plugins and I’ve even tried reactivating all of my licences. I’m very tight with my budget so I refuse to do the Waves update plan, but I doubt that it will help the problem I’m having anyway.

As you can tell from the title, I can’t load my plugins on both Pro Tools and Ableton Live. I even went as far as loading Waves products onto another computer to see if it works. Low and behold I get the same error messages. I even asked a friend who lived across my city to log into my Waves Central account to try and load in the UI of any plugin in the DAW that they used and it didn’t work for them either.

This is really freaking me out and I need these plugins to work.


Same here! Waves help us please!!

Hi there,

Same thing here.
None of my plug-ins works anymore.
I receive this message from Ableton (latest V10) when using drag’n’drop : “this VST2 plugin is not compatible with Live.”
If I use “double click”, no message at all.
Same thing in Mashine and Komplete Kontrol, no message, no load of plugin.

I have tried removing licences to cloud and synchronize again…
Completely uninstall everything and reinstall… nothing work.

Waves… we need a solution to this serious problem.



Found this tread short after posting : no-plug-in-starts-and-no-error/3610

In the system pref, in the installed applications, I’ve repaired three version based on the modification date (yesterday) :

  • MS Visual C++ Redis 2012 (x64)
  • MS Visual C++ Redis 2012 (x386)
  • MS Visual C++ Redis 2013 (x64)

The last one needed a reboot so I guess this one was the faulty one for me…
Reboot and plugins are working now.

Thanks to François who found the solution :slight_smile:



holy ■■■■ this is the solution
thank you so much

but that really sucks that this solution is super specific and can’t be found in the contact page

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Life saver… I literally had the worst week and I can’t wipe a smile off my face now thank you so much

Yeah those Visual-C Redistributions are causing a lot of issues for a lot of people. Not sure whether this is a Microsoft related issue or something else, though.

Hi All,

We are aware of such behavior with some Windows 10 systems and are working on providing a proper fix.

If needed, first, make sure to rescan your DAW for plug-ins according to our Rescan Articles.

In case plug-ins are still missing, please reach out to our Support Team which will be able to provide a fix.


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