Which Waves plugins are these?

I’ve inherited a bunch of Pro Tools sessions and I’m missing a few plugins. I believe they’re Waves plugins but I wanted to doublecheck that I’ve identified the correct ones before I purchase them.

Among the missing plugins, Pro Tools lists: C1 Gate, L1 Limiter, RCompressor, Rverb. Are these plugins: C1 Compressor(?), L1 Ultramixer, Renaissance Compressor and Renaissance Reverb?

In short, is the following table correct?

Listed in Pro Tools as Waves plugin name
C1 Gate C1 Compressor
L1 Limiter L1 Ultramixer
RCompressor Renaissance Compressor
Rverb Renaissance Reverb

I’d appreciate any help as I am unable to contact the original engineer!

Hey there.
Yes! The table looks correct.
(C1 Gate is a component of the C1 Compressor plugin. L1 Limiter is the L1 Ultramaximizer plugin.)


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Thanks. I soon figured out that I could use the trial license to check. They’re all in Gold.


Sure thing. You are welcome!