Ableton10 and Waves L2/Restoration

Hello. I dont know why but when I opened Ableton10 today I could not open my L2 Limiter. It says it is disabled or something. Ive tried reinstalling and nothing.
It shows up as a VST but does not open at all. I dont understand what is going on, and it is pretty frustrating since all I want to do is finish tracks.
Its asking me to update to v12 or whatever and I dont care for any of it. I just want the Plugins I’ve bought to work like they should and did days ago. It makes no sense! PLEASE HELP!

PS: I also get no error screen. Honestly what is going on???

Thank you!

Hi @Bradyc33 and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

First, please try following the steps provided here, to deep-rescan your plugins in Ableton.

If that doesn’t help, the issue might be a licensing one. In this case you can refer to this article and follow its steps.

In case the issue persists, feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your plugins.

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