Fl Studio Installation

I’ve just bought the C6 multiband compressor, F6 EQ aswell as the L3-16. I have a few questions on the process of adding the plugins in Fl-Studio after the installation. If I drag a plugin into the mixer channel from the new installed plugins folder I have to select which version I want to use from all the installed wave plugins. First of all I am not sure on which version to use. Mono, stereo or ultra stereo? What is the difference? For now I just added the stereo versions of the plugins but as soon as I reopen one of the plugins the window in which I have to choose the plugin from all the installed wave plugins appears again. The plugins are added in the plugin list but no matter which one I open I have to reselect it from all the installed wave plugins again. How do I fix this, so that each plugin opens straight away without me having to select it again? Thank you for your help.
Regards Timo

Hi @timosdl,

I hope you are well and staying safe out there.
I am not sure this is set up correctly, please contact our support team to look in to it and provide a definitive answer.


thank you for your help. I will do so.