Only 1 Plugin showing in Ableton for Renaissance Axx and Renaissance Bass

Hi guys,

I installed both above mentioned plugins but only Renaissance Axx is showing in Ableton (Windows). I checked in Wave Central and C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Plug-Ins V14 and they’re both in there.

I then uninstalled both and only installed Renaissance Bass but Renaissance Axx (which I did not re-install) is still showing. Then when placing it Renaissance Axx into a track, it says plugin is missing.

See photo snippet of the issue.

I followed this guide: How to Find Your Plugins in Ableton Live | Support | Waves and still no luck.

I even uninstalled each plugin and Wave Central but with no luck.

Need assistance.

Hi David,

Welcome to the Waves Forum. :wave:

I see Tech Support has already responded to your email they will make sure you are able to load both plugins you own.

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