New! ⚡️ V14: The New Version of Waves Plugins

New! V14: The New Version of Waves Plugins

What’s New In V14

Stay up to date and future-proofed with the new version of Waves plugins, including:

New: Mix and Trim knobs added to our most popular compressors

New: Faster load times

New: Quick drag-and-drop preset workflow

New: HiDPI graphics for popular plugins

New: Standalone application for the CR8 Creative Sampler

Update Now

Please note: Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro remain V13. V14 update coming soon.

If you’re still using Waves V13, V12, V11 or earlier, you’re missing out on everything added since then, including resizable plugins, new preset browser, new user preset system, Apple M1 and Windows 11 compatibility, Hi-Res HiDPI GUIs for popular plugins, and much more.

See What’s New

To update to V14, your plugins must be covered by the Waves Update Plan, which gives you extra benefits: 2nd licenses for your covered plugins, a Waves voucher good towards any software purchase, premium support, exclusive premium content & more.

Need to renew your Waves Update Plan?

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Damn it, you still haven’t added a coffee button!! :upside_down_face:

If you use Ableton and you update to V14 and notice your plugins don’t work, then rescan for plugins but hold the Alt/Option key on rescan and only scan VST3 and they’ll come back. This happened to me and this is the solution that Waves recommended for the fix.

Will we see mix and trim knobs being added to more plugins in the future?
I would love to see Kramer PIE getting the treatment. Great compressor!

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Hi @djain :slight_smile:

Just know you can add ideas to the [Idea Thread] (Feature Requests - Waves Community Forum) for any feature requests !

I’d also like to see the Pie with an added Attack control/mod.

It doesn’t have to be a control, it could be a three way switch for example. One position for it’s standard attack speed, another for a slower speed and the third for maybe something faster.

It would make the Pie more usable in more situations to more people.

Why are the Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro V13 plugins crashing my DAW Studio One? Does anyone have such a problem?

Does anyone have v14 working with Pro Tools 2021.12?

dude I love you I needed this