What's next in the Magma series...?

I have been super impressed with all of the Magma series so far and am looking forward to trying Magma Springs when I get home from work tonight.

I would totally love to see a Magma Delay next. Like Springs, I would love to see emulations of multiple flavors of classic delay units: Roland SpaceEcho, Binson Echorec, Maestro Echoplex, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, some tape-based delays, etc. And real emulations too, not EQ tricks disguised as different models like in EchoBoy by SoundToys.


I’m with ya man. If you can select these models from within the same plugin as you do with Magma Springs that would be awesome.

This way you can dial in a crude setting and flick your way through the models until you fin the best one for the job. There’s alot of power in that kind of flexibility.

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Finally got a chance to use Magma Springs last night, and I have to say, this may be the first time ever I was really excited about a spring reverb plugin. Doing all my guitar work ITB, this has to be the most realistic spring reverb plugin I have ever used.

Now I absolutely want a Magma Delay (as described above).

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Have you ever tried reaping techniques, even if its just to record the spring reverb on an individual track??

It’s something I would have thought about back in the day, but in the modern era I’m very much a fan or being 100% in the box. I like the idea of being able to edit and change settings non-destructively without having to re-record or resample anything.

In the context of spring reverb, a plugin like Magma Springs creates even more possibilities to track guitar or other instruments and non-destructively add a convincing reverb sound later with minimal workaround.

Do you have more information (a link, perhaps?) on reaping techniques? Is it similar to printing an fx track?

As you may know, I have no love for mixing so my objective is to get each individual instrument as close to sounding as how I want and then going in and notching where I have to as to avoid masking. Magma Springs is already in several of my Studioverse templates for ITB guitar.

Sorry bro, that was autocorrect’s fault. “Reamping” not reaping.

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