My latest idea for the Magma Series

I have already mentioned my idea for a Magma Delay elsewhere in this forum. To accompany that, I think Waves should consider making a Magma compressor with an forensic level of control like Tone Projects’ Unisum Mastering Compressor. (Google it… this forum won’t let me post links because I am too “new”.)

However, instead of their (cleverly worded) Hygge saturation button, Waves should offer different flavors of compression, like they did with spring flavors in Magma Springs.

I am a big fan of the Magma plugins and want to see a proper series of these!


There you go noobie…

This is an interesting idea. Wideband compression, but a multiband detector and ways to finesse it to get the results you desire. Sounds like it would do well on submixes and masters.

I’d be down for this.