MannyM Reverb insights?

Hey Guys, I’ve been asked a lot about what MannyM reverb is made of?

Could you share what impulses are there?


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Hi there @romanenglish!

Welcome to our Forum! Nice request there, but I’m sure you can understand that we cannot share what’s under the hood in this type of plugin :shushing_face:.

The bottom line is that the 18 reverb variations in this plugin are not only derived from Manny’s chosen reverb units, but also his custom settings and additional processing.

If you guys want to guess, you are welcome to do so on this thread, but don’t expect any official conformation :wink:

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by my comparison with tc electronic reverbs, I think it uses VSS impulses. I can get almost indistinguishable result with VSR24 from relab which is tc electronic emulation btw.

I do know Manny himself likes to use different pieces of gear depending on the size of the room. I believe his large room might bar a Bricasti, but there will be other reverbs he uses for the other settings.

Perhaps if you got a gear list from his studio you might be able to narrow in on what it might be.