WavesShell does not work with Equalizer APO

So I tried to go to support but the section is bugged as it won’t let me complete the ‘‘set-up’’ details. No I am here.

So, WavesShell doesn’t work on an audio app called Equalizer APO (Windows). The plugin just fails to initialize.

I’ve also tried Shells2Vst (app) to try and rip the individual VSTs from the WavesShell but even after it does, the plugin still fails to initialize. According to forums around the web, this used to work (Maybe in Waves 10 or something).

Anyone got a solution? Or can waves just ■■■■■■ let us seperate the VSTs from the WaveShell!

Frustrated af sorry/

Hi @johnny, welcome to the Waves Forum.

We have never qualified or tested Equalizer APO.
We do offer full support in a large variety of known DAW as listed in the the following link.

Note that you can find all individual Waveshells in C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\WaveShells V14/V13/V12/V11/V10/V9.

Hopefully, that sets you in the right direction, wishing you a great day.

Unfortunately none of that works. The WaveShells aren’t recognized.

Just super annoying as all other modern VSTs I run work.

Costs too much development time to make VSTs backwards compatible I guess. Good to know Waves.

Unfortunately there’s no separating Waves plugins from the shells as the plugins spend on the shells to make them work, thats where alot of the “brains” are.

It’s done that way, I imagine, to reduce memory/storage size and to make maintenance more time and cost efficient, making it cheaper for us.

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I saw some videos of people using abbey road studio 3 on equalizer apo… I’m still trying to solve the problem… does anyone got a solution?

I have not run it within equalizer APO, but have run into similar problems with the NX plugin in other hosts and have got around them.

I suggest trying wrapping it within a more conventional VST3 than the one waves uses. I’ve successfully used blue cat audio’s patchwork VST to get it to work, where it wouldn’t otherwise work. The downside is it costs you USD $99, to get a USD $29 plugin to work. It does have a trial version to at least confirm it will work before spending the cash.

You could also try using the free Waves Studiorack plugin to wrap it, but it’s pretty likely going to have the same issue.

There are also free VST3 hosts around, which might work. I vaguely recall having problems with them in some hosts, though, or wouldn’t have bought the blue cat plugin.

Hi @Bertrandization, thanks for your answer! It gave me some way to go, I tried the blue cat audio’s patchwork triel as you recommended and it worked fine! but as you said it’s a little pricey to make a 30 dollar plugin work… I tried to search a free one as alternative, but without success till now.

You or anyone have a sugestion of one free vst host “that run as vst too” to recommend?

Thanks in advance guys!