Frustration with Waves VST loading,

Frustration with Waves VST loading and not loading, I use one main computer to do my recordings, other VSTs from other places load fine. Waves doesn’t always allow the loading, I’ve purchased maybe a dozen, great products but I can’t depend on them being there. I can say I am not a power user so the term Noob comes to mind. Are there any options, do I need to buy a ilock stick. I use Reaper.

I am using other VSTs in their place, they do the job but I like the Waves stuff. Any one going through this or anyone have a solution.

Thank you

Hi @den6string and welcoe to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Please be more specific - what exactly do you mean when saying that Waves plugins do not load?

  • Are you running the plugins on a supported operating system?
  • Are you using the plugins as VST or VST3? Note that only VST3 is supported in Reaper, therefore perhaps following the steps in this article can help.
  • What are you trying to do and what exactly happens?
  • Are you seeing any error messages? If you do - what does the error say?
  • Which sample rate are your sessions set to? (i.e. 44.1kHz, 96kHz)

Answering these questions might help figuring out the root of the issue.

Also, if you haven’t done so yet - feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your plugins.

Thank you coming to my rescue. Much appreciated. I will keep a close eye on messages. This is what I got this morning trying to add a Waves VST, ““The following effects were in the project file and are not available. REAPER will keep their configurations, but things may not sound as desired.
Track 2: VST3: CLA Drums Mono/Stereo (Waves)””.

I don’t seem to have a problem loading any VST or VST3, it could be my using a USB to hold the licenses, I may need to load them directly to my main computer but then that eliminates my using the laptop when I want to do stuff away from my home studio.

I am learning Studio One 5 Artist, I am not versed in it and fumbling my way around, but I can drop effects into channels from other VSTs but my Waves although I see them in the menu don’t drop in.
Again, probably my low knowledge base on the Waves license USB or other way, If I need to unlock them directly to my computer. That is what I will do.

No, ilok authorization is not used with waves any more. Licenses are either put onto the hard drive of a dedicated machine or onto a USB stick. In Waves Central you can see where the license of the plugin or bundle has been put to.

The USB stick with the licenses can be used anywhere, it is not tied to a certain machine.


Thank you

I’ve been doing a bit of research and following some links to videos, then went to Waves Central. As you say, I did see where my licenses went to, I just need to get accustomed to using a USB when needed. I appreciate your answering my question. It helps knowing I can get answers here.
Thank you

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