How to consolidate multiple WaveShells version 11

Hi all,

New forum user here!

I have a question.
I notice that I have 3 different waveshells for version 11:

WaveShell1-VST 11.0_x64.dll (containing my Gold bundle upgrade from version 9)

WaveShell2-VST 11.0_x64.dll (Containing Berzerk, got that when it was free, before I had any other V11 plugins)

WaveShell3-VST 11.0_x64.dll (more Gold bundle plugins ??)

Is there a way to consolidate these plugins into one WaveShell?
I tried the version organizer and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the V11 plugins, to no avail.

It just is annoying in Ableton Live to go through 3 WaveShell 11 's to find the correct plugin…

I also have a few V10 plugins, if that is of any relevance…

Hi there @zsazsa and welcome!
I hope you are staying safe and well in these times.

Up to version 10.0 Ableton Live only used VST (2.4) plugins format, which our could only display waveshells separately as you are experiencing.

As of Ableton Live 10.1, VST3 format is supported. When loading Waves plugins in the VST3 format, they are consolidated (display wise) in to one list (segmented by Vendor, so all Waves plugins will be under one list).

SO I suggest you update your version of Ableton Live to the latest to achieve this type of list.
Here are instructions to find and display VST3 plugins in Ableton 10.1 and up.

Take Care!

Thanks Yishai,

It worked.
I only had to figure out where to get the vst3 from.
For anyone reading/ needing this:
You can copy it from C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\WaveShells V11\WaveShell1-VST3 11.0_x64.vst3 to the location where you have your VST3 folder set up.

Now indeed all Waves plugins show up in one folder and I don’t have to click a WaveShell folder anymore

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