VEP7 always rescans my Waves AU plugins on launch

Every time I launch Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 (but had same issue in VEP5) it rescans all my Waves AU plugins. Has anyone run into this issue and found a solution?

Someone suggested multiple Waveshell files might be responsible. I removed all V9 Waveshell files from the LibraryAudio/Components file. There are 4 Waves files remaining:
WaveShell1-AU 10.0 component
WaveShell2-AU 10.0 component
WaveShell3-AU 10.0 component
WaveShell4-AU 10.0 component

They are all different sizes so I assume they are different files and should remain there. Is that correct.

TIA, John

MacPro (late2013) OS 10.14.6, 6 Core Xeon E5.

Hi @johnforster and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

This issue can be solved by running the Version Organizer feature in Waves Central.
To do so open Waves Central, go to Settings and click on Run in the Version Organizer line.

In case that doesn’t solve the issue feel free to contact Waves Technical Support. Te’ll be more than happy to assist you and get you up and running with your plugins.

Good luck!