Waves WUP and 2nd license - we need a better way

In today’s world where more and more of us are working on different computers, we need a more flexible was of accessing the licenses WE OWN. The 2nd license schema with WUP seems fine, but they should not expire IMHO, our first licenses never expire. We should be able to buy WUP on our terms, when there is a version upgrade and if we want to and use our 2nd licenses whenever we want just like our first. Better yet, allow us to actually keep our Waves licenses in the cloud and access them there without the pain of transferring licenses back and forth from machines. Ideally we can keep one license physically on the machine we most use (USB key) for safety in case we lose internet and for laptops and such we can just access the cloud once and get our second license. Then leave WUP for when there is a version upgrade and we gladly pay Waves more money. This is exactly what I do now with a lot of my other third party plugins using iLOK cloud. Please Waves, make things easier for your loyal customers. Thanks for listening!


Justin Arey
Portland, Oregon USA

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I particularly like the idea of keeping the licences in the cloud and have the plugins register them there. There are quite a few companies that have got the way of online authorisation and I quite prefer it myself.

Though, there will be those who will be opposed. I say that the “downloaded” license can still be kept as an optional method for people to use should they prefer that.