Two License Option?

When I was buying the Renaissance Maxx bundle, I didn’t realize the license would only work on one device. It’s a bit of a shame as many producers have a desktop in their studio, but also work on the go, on their laptop.

I understand it’s possible to purchase another license / add on license, but why is this not flagged on the initial purchase of the bundle? Every other plugin I have from other vendors, have 2 licenses available with the purchase. But for Waves products, you have to purchase a 2nd license separately.

It’s a shame because I’ve more than one product with Waves, and I didn’t realize I’d have to spend more money just to allow me to work remotely. If I’m purchasing a product from a company, I expect that the product will work on both my desktop and laptop.

Very disappointing considering this is the only software I’ve purchased that is set up this way.

If your WUP is up to date you can register an additional license for a second machine, so long as WUP is up to date.

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Hi @brendanlamb and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Please note that Waves offers a free 2nd license for any plugin or bundle covered by the Waves Update Plan, to be used on different computers, without having to move licenses between devices.

Even if you don’t have a 2nd license for a product, you can move any Waves license back and forth between different computers as often as you like. (Just make sure that your different computers are compatible) This can be done with any Waves licenses – no matter whether it’s your main license or your 2nd license for that product.

Hi @Gurik @mattrixx, I understand this, but the waves update plan is $70 for the year. So basically I have to pay a yearly subscription to add a second device, for plugins I have already purchased / own?

There is no other business model for any VSTs on the market like this. There’s subscription based services, and “rent to own”, but to buy a plugin, and expect to also pay a subscription is too much.

Apologies if I am missing something here, but when I pay for a plugin, I expect to own that plugin. If I want to have that plugin on a desktop at home, and on my laptop, that should be an option. It makes absolutely no sense to use these products on my desktop, if I can’t load a project on my laptop and have the exact same experience.

This process needs to be revisited.


Yes, but only after WUP has run out. It’s your choice.
Either that, or it is simple enough to move the license around, either via USB stick or licensing cloud.

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You do need to consider how much you paid for your plugins up front too. If you’re like the rest of us you’d be taking advantage of their sales prices, but thats only around $30-50.

What WUP does is cover maintenance costs of the plugins. After all we can’t be paying $30 and expecting free lifetime maintenance. It would cost a hell of a lot more than that to keep things running smoothly. I understand what you’re saying about the second license, but, if I were honest with myself, I don’t think its fair that the $30 would cover that as well.

After all, these guys have families. They all need to eat and be able to pay the bills and put their kids through school. I think the $70 WUP is a fair compromise as not only will you get your second licenses, your plugin maintenance would be covered too. Its worth considering.

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