License Philosophy

Hello Waves-Team!

I am basically a happy customer with your beautiful software and it works perfectly, with no doubt. But I don’t think you’re as unbelievably unbeatable as other audio plugin developers you probably imagine.

My criticism:

  1. I think your philosophy is - for owners and a loyal and committed customers - who can only use your software on a single computer, totally overdone! Your Waves Central is quite uncomfortable to use. There are way too many updates that have to be installed automatically before you can do what you actually wanted to. Absolutely annoying!!!

  2. There are other manufacturers that allow me to work on two systems. I find that quite excellent! Even if I could only work on one system at a time with your software, but could have permanently licensed my two main systems, I would be happy… But I am constantly waiting and switching because I sit at one workstation and at another and sometimes forget to move the license to the cloud and then I have to boot my studio just to move the fxxxx Waves licence… aaaargggg!!!

  3. Ok, there is a work-around solution to send the license to a USB Drive. But even that can be forgotten to take with you - and that happens to me from time to time - so I have to drive back to my Studio just to pick up the drive.

I try to use less and less of your plugins in my current productions and you will lose me as a customer in the long run because you absolutely spoil up my fun with this procedure!!! Probably people with cracked Waves versions are much happier and more relaxed… Think about that!!!

Please change your license philosophy very soon and program a customer-friendly solution, like Native Instruments, Toontrack, IK Multimedia…… or dozens of other good examples …… for good paying and loyal customers like us!!!

Thank you very much for your - actually - great work and best regards!

Hi there @audiospray.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions and good spirit, we are listening.
I do not know if this can change in the near future, but let me explain something:

I understand that the USB solution is not suitable for you and there are times that you forget to send licenses back to the license cloud.
In this situation I have a simple solution for you - use the recovery option :slight_smile:

When you forget to send your studio computer licenses back to the license cloud, and need them at home, log in to Waves Central on your home computer and recover the licenses to the home computer following the steps in the article above.

Don’t worry about the once-per-year limit, as next time you log in on your studio computer - our system will identify this, remove the license there and reset the recovery limit, so you can use it when really needed.

I hope this helps for now. Stay safe!

Many thanks for your kind answer!

I actually did not know that and was always extremely careful not to touch this option. But this will make the handling much easier in the future!

Thanks again!

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