Waves does not stand behind their License Agreement

I’m trying to move my old ProTools from one computer to another, and have found that I cannot authorize my Waves plugins. The Waves License Agreement says I can transfer my plugins to another computer, yet their technical support says they will not help me do this. They say my plugins are too old.

The License Agreement does not say anything about a possible expiration date, yet clearly states that I can go to Waves-com and transfer my plugins to a new computer. Waves does not stand behind their License Agreement. Thousands of dollars of Waves plugins are going in the dumpster.

Support will only cover you for as long as you have active WUP which generally expires after a year or purchase. Renewing it usually costs around $10-30 per plugin, capping at around $240USD.

That said, if your plugs are quite old they might not be supporting them at all. This is nothing new, as the is the case with every software developer. Even hardware manufacturers have their “warranties” and drop support for older devices after a number of years.

It’s all because it becomes too costly to keep up the support and that cost will translate to more expensive plugins, software, devices, out whatever.

So what Version are you on and what version of OS and DAW are you running on the other machine??

I just wish they mentioned all that in the licensee agreement. There was no mention that the agreement would ever end.

There is never a mention off it when you buy a new TV, or a new car, or a sound library, or a hammock. I think that because it’s such a universal approach its a given.

The waves download page still serves the installers back to v6. The ilok page also has at least some legacy installers available. It probably needs some manual work, but if you still have your (old) ilok stick with the licenses I wonder why it should not work.

Maybe you post the step where you get stuck and someone from the community can help.

your post is awesome

I have loaded the software from CDs to the replacement computer. The License Agreement says to go to the waves website and click a specific place to get the authorization code to authorize my replacement computer. That place no longer exists. There was no WUP back then. The License Agreement says they will help me transfer from one computer to another, but they won’t do it. Apparently Waves can stop supporting their product at any time without any notice.

@Barnabas so you already installed the plugins, correct ? Can you see your licenses in your account ?

Yes, when I go into My Products at the Waves website, I do see Gold TDM listed. The Status is Authorized.

May I ask which version ?

version 5.
And apparently this reply must be at least 20 characters, so ignore this part of the answer.

I should say that I have version 5 software that came with version 4 documentation. Attached is the page from the manual that I am trying to follow.

Huh, this is older than I expected … I wonder if there is an upgrade possibility at all. Am I right you never had an ilok for this ?

I had the impression you were stuck at some point where the authorization changed from ilok to the current variant (USB stick or hard drive activation, with version 9). But the mentioned challenge/response-method was way before this.

I don’t want to upgrade. I just want to move my ProTools from one computer to another. I am limited to computers that support PCI cards. The box the Waves Gold came in says it includes support for iLock, but I could not figure out how to get my authorization on the iLock. More misinformation from Waves?

Hopefully you get it all worked out. Version 5 is 17 year old software though. I can’t think of anybody that supports software that old. Avid certainly doesn’t support Pro Tools 6.4 anymore, which would have been the current version 17 years ago. You don’t mention wether you are on a Mac or PC but neither Apple or Microsoft support their OS’s from that era.

This is the thing.

Not that I want to put off people running older machines or software, if they are happy with it as it is then there would really be no need for upgrading. It is just going to be getting harder and harder to find support for it though.

17 year old software is kind of the equivalent as still running a car made in the 50s. You can do it, but spare parts and servicing is going to be really hard to find. It might even cost you extra money that you were trying to avoid paying by buying a more modern car in the first place.

Nothing lasts forever, sadly. Its for this reason we are often presented with very difficult choices we need to make.

I need to run this on a Mac computer that can handle PCI cards. That’s why I am moving from a 20-year old computer to a 15-year old computer, and can’t go any newer. The cost to upgrade ProTools would be too much for me considering that most of my work is for non-profits.

Yes, we are talking about old computers and software. The problem is that Waves promised that I could move their software from one computer to another. They have now eliminated that possibility.

Its still there, it’s just not as simple as it is for a newer “supported” system. The fact that you have no online support due to no WUP is really the main issue here, as they would have been able to sort you out.

Still, that’s what groups like this a for…

Have you tried getting access to a “newer” computer, installing Central, sending your licenses to a USB drive and plugin in the USB drive into your system??

Central will allow you to create an “offline installer” as well for older plugins which you could also put on the USB drive if needed. I just don’t know how far back the installer and licenses go

Back in those days, when you wanted an upgrade, you bought a box that contained the upgrade on a CD. There was no WUP. Why would I spend money on WUP if I have no plans on upgrading the software?

Based on your recommendation, how do I get the new computer with Central to send my licenses to a USB drive? How do I get the new computer to even see the installed plugins on the old computer?

The computer can belong to anyone. Central operates independently of the licenses. Its just a vehicle to help you install, license and manage your plugins.

So you can borrow the use of a friends computer, install it temporary, plugin in a USB flash drive, and use Central to put the files you require on the USB drive. You should then be able to take that drive and plugin it into your own computer and, in theory, it should work. Unless I’m missing something.

Just remember that WUP doesn’t just cover all the maintenance of your older plugins it also affords you the ability to rescue any lost licenses if needed and it gets you the support you need. Only $10-30 per plugin, capping at $240 when needed.

Not always a welcome cost, but as I said, everyone charges for service and support. Thats the way they can afford to do it. It’s not like we can expect to pick up a plugin for $30 and expect them to continue supporting it indefinitely into the future. We still need to pay for someone’s time. The family still needs to eat.

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