Option to store licenses in the cloud

Could you add an option to store licenses in the cloud (like iLok cloud)? It’s incredibly frustrating if I’m out trying to mix on my laptop and I forgot to deactivate the licenses on my studio computer.

OR allow the option to deactivate/ transfer licenses from a remote computer to your current computer.


Yeah I think many people would like to see cloud based licenses, at least as an option. It would make woking with Waves plugins less problematic when working across multiple systems.

I was keen for this a while back and ended up using a RaspberryPi to host my iLok and USB Waves licenses at work and access them remotely. Works a treat. What you are looking for is Virtualhere. https://www.virtualhere.com
They offer a free single device version for testing and it works on many many devices.
If you can’t get an internet connection remotely, it’s of no use, but most of do a bit of work from home on a laptop, or might be stuck in a hotel, or had a flight cancelled.
Anyway, it works extremely well and the the developer is very very responsive with support.

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Great suggestion, worth checking out. Although, I’m still with the belief that Waves should ideally be offering this option themselves.

Let’s ask them. We can only ask.
Though as miclevine implies, the idea of disabling another machine that we may have forgotten to disable, could be somewhat complicated.
BTW, if WUP is current, you have a second license available to use. Just depends on whether you are on Subscription or partial licenses.

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You’d just have to “login” to your account on whatever machine you are using.

If another machine is already logged in you can always warn the user of the fact, so they can consider their actions before committing. Which would log off the other machine automatically.

Xbox does a similar type of thing with log ins on multiple devices

That would be a good enough solution. I’m pretty sure that’s not possible at the moment.

No its not, but its my suggestion to them

Hi there! Once upon a dozen or so years ago, Waves plugins used iLok. This proved to be wildly unpopular with some of their customers and they discontinued it for the system they have now. iLok rarely has outages, but local internet providers do all the time and even I have moved to the iLok dongle (which is essential no different than how Waves manages their licenses now). If you want to do something like this, just save your licenses to a thumb drive. (Just don’t ever lose track of it!)

Yes but there are ways of dealing with disconnections that don’t result in bricking software.

Generally its not a solution I need myself, but its a solution that would be sympathetic to other users out there. Many of which probably lost that USB you we referring to.