That's it I'm done with waves

Your infuriating licensing system has caused me trouble for the last time. Seriously why can’t you implement a cloud-based system, this hardware-specific licensing causes nothing but problems? And only one recovery per year? what happens if I lose a hard drive halfway through the year. I use 2 systems to produce, My laptop and my studio computer, I will not store my licenses on a dongle that will inevitably be lost, I will not double purchase plugins. And due to your hardware-restricted licenses that I have lost access to my plugs for the 3rd time since buying them, I will no longer be using waves. You might want to consider NFT based licensing system. That is the only way in hell I will ever use waves again.


Hi and welcome to the Waves forum!

Ziv from Waves here.

We’re sorry to hear of your experience and decision.

A 2nd set of licenses provides more security in such cases, instead of activating to a USB flash drive – when the machine is online.

Tech Support are happy to assist if and when approached regarding lost licenses and devices.
Our developers continuously work on improving the licensing system.

Thank you for your comment and NFT suggestion.

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From my perspective, the Waves licensing process is confusing, but being able to push licenses to the cloud and then down to another USB dongle or machine is pretty handy. Having the second activation is also very welcome. I use the hardware activation on my main mastering machine. If I travel, I take the USB thumb drive.

Look, iLok sucks way worse than this because they naively went down a path they could not come back from, so I think Waves is doing ok here. With the 1-per-year recovery from Waves, you can’t do that with iLok without ZDT support and even then, it’s tricky.

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