Hi guys I think I might be in trouble ,

Last time I installed my WAVES C4 and REDD I had to move a Roaming Folder for it to work.

I just bought GREG WELLS VOICE Plugin and I’m afraid I think I might be getting forced into using X64

My Computer is X86 and apparently my fresh installment is saying it’s all X64 ,

Did WAVES change everything ?

Hi @wadeyaeger,

First of all, your host application, Audacity, is not officially supported by Waves. Check out our list of supported hosts.
This does not mean it will not work, however, just that we did not test or qualify it.

x86 is the 32 bit file structure that Waves is installed to, but, our plugins all work in 64bit format and 64bit hosts.

I would suggest checking which versions you have licenses for and installing each product via Waves central in the corresponding software version.

If you own a host application that we do support - I suggest you contact tech support to sort it out there.

Hey there , I’m all good , I did the roll back to VERSION 10 for my plugs ins and then I stuffed everything inside the Plugins Folder for AUDACITY , I’m back in business.

When the DAW Scanned it eventfully made the connection to what it needed lol.

MADNESS but it worked ! Thanks.

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How do you go about downgrading to version 10?

I need to add the WLM Plus plug-in to OBS-Studio on Windows 10.

I downloaded the legacy version 10 of Waves Central for Windows but when I installed it, it immediately updated itself to version 11.

I don’t see how to access the version 10 plug-ins.

Hey @mike,

OBS studios cannot load Waves plugins from any version - it is not a Host application supported by Waves: https://www.waves.com/support/tech-specs/supported-hosts
It’s not a matter of the version of Waves.
If you want to roll bcak to V10 for other reasons, here is how: https://www.waves.com/support/tech-specs/supported-hosts