Waves Central could not be launched, we have created a log file

Hi there

Reinstalled the whole VST collections I had from different Plugin Developers and yes, Waves Central is the only one that gives me some head scratching. Especially the newest installer (tried offline too in different versions, same result). I’m on PC Windows 11 to clear the path.

This is what I get, no matter how clean my system is of Waves (Wave Shell stuff). I followed most of the instructions to also check manually if there’s something left from a previous installation. Not sure about the Compatibility which should not have an impact as my system didn’t change.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core Processor

So I guess I did the homework before creating my first post in the forum. But happy to try different things.

This is what I got when starting Waves Central:
Screenshot 2023-03-06 134715

Clicking on Contact support is not doing anything but I think I know how to get in contact, which I did, but no response yet. So I decided to give the forum a try.

At least if I could find the LOG file, if any, I could investigate what the problem is but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do, and I did a couple of things, that I would for example do if I’m in a toxic relationship and just want to make it work. So, this is something I’m not keen on doing and yes, I would need hints on what else I could until I get a response from Support “Did you try to restart the pc?” Just joking :wink:

Hi @sept0,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Seeing there could be many things that can prevent Waves Central from launching, It will be the most effective if you Contact Technical Support directly, they will be able to track down the issue, and guide you through solving it as long as your setup allows it.

You might be asked to restart your computer at some point :wink: but that will not be the only troubleshooting step advised to take.

hey did you ever figure this out? having the same issue and tech support hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

Hi @cmcdonnell1990,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

I can confirm your request for support was submitted you should be contacted soon.