Waves V9 - Venue SC48 3.1.1 - Licensing Not Being Detected

So im having issue’s with waves detecting my license’s on my USB Stick on the console.
Venue SC48 Version
Waves Version

The License.bat does pull the license ID on my USB stick at OS level,
But waves is unable to find my license key.
The plugins have installed fine and able to load into the plugins tab just failure to find license.

I’ve followed all relevant document i can find on the site & to my knowledge the plugins should be able to function backwards compatible from current waves central licenses.

Any help be much appreciated.
Regards James.

Hi @james122004,

Please give our Live Sound Team a call so they can guide you in real time and hopefully be able to get you U&R quickly.

Live sound support line: +1-865-909-9268 They are currently available and will be glad to help.

Thanks for the reply, ended up getting it sorted with support.
Console didn’t like the licenses on a large USB stick.
Switched to a small 2gb stick & worked straight up.

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