Technical problem with licenses


I recently installed some new v14 plugins. I had been running legacy versions via the installation of the offline installer for years now (h-reverb, renaissance bass, and sounddesign suite v9.2 from the v9.92 installer). However, one or two days after installing the new plugins (everything was working fine), I travelled somewhere and am on a different connection. Now, my v9 plugins automatically stopped syncing the license, and furthermore, when I go to sync them in waves central, they are ‘greyed out’ and there are lines across it (I cannot even choose it as an option to sync the license, however my v14 plugins I can). I tried to reinstall the legacy versions, and also tried to reinstall waves central but to no avail. Please if you have any idea what the issue is let me know.

To top all of this off, the technical support page does not even work properly. I cannot choose what operating system because it says that you “must choose system first to display options”, but after choosing PC the dropdown arrow does not even work. It is all very buggy and glitchy, and definitely not my computer. Very frustrating.

Thank You.

Hi @Slayten,

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To save some time I created a support case for you and one of our Techies should be contacting you soon. It might just have been a browser-related issue creating a ticket normally refreshing or trying another browser, works.

It Sounds like you are running the latest version of V9, which is the way to go. Did you check if your DAW version supports both V14 and V9?
Supported Hosts/System requirements.

Note that tech support will be able to help out only on a supported setup.