Waves licenses issue on Reason

Hello everyone,
It’s been weeks that I have some problems using Waves plugins. Every time I opening Reason, it always takes some time to scan the Waves plugins (Waveshell1-VST12.7,13.0,13.1,14.1,14.12,14.25), then when I have to open some of them, I get the error message that it doesn’t have a licenses. Opening Waves Center, I have to always sync and recover the licences, restart Reason and use the plugins as usual.
Before I try to re-install the plugins and Waves Central, I’m wondering how I can resolve this issue, if it can help, last I checked, I installed before this situation a new plugin.


You have a lot of different versions its seems. Nothing wrong with that, but not all of them maybe compatible with your current OS/DAW version. First, make sure every version you have is compatible.

First try running the Version Organiser in the Settings tab, Then try running the Repair function if the Version Organiser doesn’t help your issue. Outside that, try Support…

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