Target for licenses keeps being empty

Hi, I’m trying to install and activate (a demo of) Waves Tune Real-Time. I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong or what’s going on. I just can’t select a target for the licenses, not my computer, not a USB device that I plug in. It only shows the option: “Don’t activate License”…
Anyone know what this might be?
Relevant info:
Windows 11 x64, freshly installed Waves Central 13.5.3, 3 SSDs: C = nvme, D=sata, E=nvme, neither one of them are found. USB external SSD connected, also not found, at least, not by waves central ofc.

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Hi @ikwildownloaden,

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The issue where no drive can be selected for license activation, or only showing USB flash drives can occur in different scenarios.

A common one will be when loading Windows, not from the default local HD of the computer.

Waves Central can only activate licenses and run properly when launched from the default local HD.

Also, Waves Central attaches the licenses as per your current Network adapter Mac address when activated to the computer, so if you are using some AntiVirus application or VPN, you might get similar behavior.

You can also try and disconnect physically any external HD and relaunch Waves Central to see if that might have solved the issue.

If you still struggling to solve this issue, please Contact Technical Support and they will gladly assist.

Ah well, that’s just great. I’m on 2 or 3 different VPN’s, as I’m a freelancer working for multiple clients that might require me to be on VPNs. Also, one of my drives shows up as being external while it isn’t, probably because of hot-swap that’s enabled in the bios. Also, I have a couple of network drives attached. So all in all, seems like I’m going to be in trouble then… There should be a way to do it still I think. Anyway, I’ll contact Technical Support.

Hi @ikwildownloaden,

Yes, there is a way to work with VPNs and avoid license issues by activating your licenses onto a USB flash drive, this will avoid any network-related changes affecting the licenses.