Disconnected divice - problem with licence - plugins not usable


a few month ago, I bought Greg Wells plugins. For a while, I could use them, now no longer after I updated WavesCentral. The licenses are installed on an disconnected device on Win 10, I don’t know, what device is meant by the devicecode WavesCentral is showing me. i can’t connect it. I uninstalled and installed the plugins. I renewed the licenses. The same problem: They are not licensed, so I can’t use them with my daws like Reaper. All my other Wave-Plugins load fine and I can use them. How can I manage it, that they will be installed on an connected device? WavesCentral is conneted to the internet, my licenses here on wavesDOTcom are reachable for the app.

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The licenses are tied to the fingerprint of your computer. If you changed network cards (including USB ethernet), or disabled something, put it back to how it was and it will probably see them again. I have busted mine a bunch of times by forgetting that when I change things around. Even had a CPU die on me that messed it up. If you didn’t change a single thing since you first registered, then maybe something else is going on. If none of that works, reach out to Waves support. They have been awesome at helping me every time i have needed it.

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Waves Central actually recognizes your computer according to your network adapter’s serial number (MAC Address) which was used, when you originally activated your licenses to the computer

If one of your network adapters has been replaced / disabled, the computer will be identified and considered a new one in Waves Central, and the previous MAC Address will appear under the “Disconnected Devices” section in Waves Central’s “Manage Licenses” menu.

You can try to solve the issue by following the steps at the bottom of the article “Computer Appears as Disconnected Device in Waves Central”.

If you need any assistance performing those steps, or in case the issue is not solved I am sure our stellar Tech Support team will be able to assist.

Hey, thank you for the answers.

I can’t run the plugins, and I can’t connect the support via the form, I can’t send my message. I need the plugins, please name me a way to connect the support, the form is no way for me, I treid it many times with diffrent browsers. I’d like to send an email, but I find no adress.
I recovered the license, with no effect!

Hi @vollversionen

If you are unable to contact Support via the website, feel welcome to contact Tech Support via phone.
Phone: 1-865-909-9200 ext. 1

See international toll-free numbers

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