License problem! Please Help!

I just purchased Maserati ACG V12 (First Wave product I own). It has installed and is visible in Waves central, serial number shows, etc. But when I try and select a target device the only option I get is “Don’t activate license”. ie I have no selection option etc, just that message. Aargh. I’m trying to activate license - please help!

Hi @Magikbee

Sounds like there is a local issue on your that for some reason it doesn’t detect the local computer.
Does it work when you connect a USB flash drive?
To be sure you’re doing it right, please refer to the Move licenses at this link.
Anyway, I suggest contacting Waves tech support regarding this issue.
We would be happy if you will post the solution here afterward :slight_smile:

Thanks - I think its resolved. Needed to restart the computer event though Logic Pro was quit. Thanks!

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Good to know, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Yeah Logic does this periodically. It’s always worth doing this step when something isn’t showing up or validating. Most of the time it will fix the issue.

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I have a recurring problem with my licences : it’s the first time I buy on waves…

Every time I turn on fruity loops it asks me to re-scan my licenses so they were activated, except once on my account I see that…

Each time it shows me as if they were gone, and on top of that, I’ve exhausted the number of licenses to generate, but I was in the same case yesterday and then suddenly they came back with the green icon as if they were activated.

Yet they are well hosted on my C

It’s incomprehensible, I’m waiting for an answer from wave by mail, if someone has the solution it would be really nice. :sob: :sob:

I am posting other photos for information

Hi @djuzyone,

Welcome to Waves Forum,

Please refer to the Computer Appears as Disconnected Device in Waves Central article.

If further assistance is needed, please contact our Technical Support team.

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Indeed, I use a VPN, I also had to modify my HWID for security reasons related to my job.

Today it works.

I wasted the last licenses by making a bad manipulation related to this error.

I asked the assistant i contacted by email, if it was possible to credit me for licences inadvertently lost.


Hi @djuzyone please further consult our tech team regarding this query.
We process such requests on a case-by-case basis and in any case, the licenses in question should be covered by the Waves Update Plan.

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