Waves v14 Plugins Not Loading in Reaper

Hey, Ever since I upgraded some of my plugins to v14, they won’t open in Reaper. They are scanning properly, but when I try to insert one onto a track it says that it can’t load the plugin.

All the plugins that were NOT upgraded (v13-10) work fine.

I’m running Reaper 6.66 on a M1 Mac, OS X Monterey 12.5.

Anyone else have this problem and find a solution?


I actually had the same problem. The solution, which seems ludicrous to me, is to open Waves Central and go to settings. Choose “Complete Waves Cleanup”. This uninstalls and deletes all Waves files except for the Waves Data Folder. It will require a restart. Once done, just reinstall everything and it should all work fine. I should add that I am running Window 11. I would assume this should still work on a Mac. Good luck.

Hi @79adam79

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I suggest starting with rescanning plugins in Reaper by following the instructions at the How to Find Your Plugins in Reaper.

If the issue persists, I suggest a Complete Waves Cleanup from Central and reinstall.

For any further assistance feel welcome to contact our Tech Support team.

Have a great day :partying_face: