Waves Tune Window Size

Please, please, please make the editing window in Waves Tune sizeable. Its current fixed size is restricting and requires too much scrolling and zooming.


I want them to overhaul the interface in general, this is among my requests too.

The more people that make enough noise about it, the more likely they will be to make the changes.


+1. Everywhere you read about shootouts of tuning plugins, waves tune consistently gets high marks for transparency and audio quality but almost everybody calls out the interface as being almost unusable due to the size restrictions. I’ve recently purchased it and after spending time with it I agree with these sentiments 100%. Please please add sizing options. Even if it’s not fully/dynamically resizable, could we have a x1.5 or x2 option to get some more width and height in the edit window?


To be honest I avoid using WavesTune myself, because of the UI. RT I don’t mind and use that sometimes for a bit of light to moderate processing. Things like background vocals that don’t require any large degree of attention and detail

But yeah, if they updated it WavesTune with a better UI and ARA support, I sure as hell would use it. Especially if Waves came up with their own answer to Melodyne’s polyphonic DNA tech.

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There’s a similar post regarding this feature for all Waves plugins. I can’t post the link. Search for “Requesting resizable Plugin Windows”

Resizable GUI is my nightmare for the Waves Tune window. It makes the workflow really slow

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Waves Tune needs a UI update more than any other plugin.

The tool is simply too good to go to waste, but I really do find it unusable in its current size. The update doesn’t even need to be fancy – if the window could just be resized it would make a world of difference.

I use Waves plugins on a 4k monitor. Everything could probably use a 4k update, but it is critical for this UI more than any other… so this feature request probably deserves to stand on its own.

Thanks for calling attention to it. This is the kind of thing that makes the Waves Update Plan worth it to me. The Renaissance UI update was really nice, and I’m hoping for this one next.

Well I’d also that IR1 is desperate for one too as it’s menu system is insidiously evil. :confounded:

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The wait is finally over! V12 is out with resizable plugin GUI’s!


More info here!


That’s amazing news!!! THANK YOU!!!

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Had me excited for a moment, I thought it was IR1 you fixed.

Still have excited, it’s just a different type of excitement. :upside_down_face:

Waves Tune looks UGLY when resizing the window to 150%

Agreed. It looks like a crude magnification of a lo-res bitmap image; not a true resizable vector graphic.

Agreed also. However, I believe they are looking into improving rendering across the board. Now would be a good time to send in any feedback to Tech Support to help them improve the user experience.