Requesting resizable Plugin Windows!

Resizable/scalable plugin windows! I think this would be a welcomed feature for the Waves plugin line.


YES! This would be amazing!

Nice request :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes indeed :slight_smile: This is a very common feature request, it has been noted by our product department.


There are 2 plug companies that I also use (don’t tell Gilad :slight_smile:) that have re-sizable windows and they are great. HOFA use it on their IQ analyser which is a great analyser (this is something I’ve been asking Waves to develop for a number of years now).

I instantiate this on a master channel and fill a screen with it. It is both useful and impressive to clients. They love ‘watching’ their music dance around.

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Yes true, a small incident not related to thread but feel like sharing.
I changed my studio Display Monitor from 27 inch to 45 inch screen a few months back & one of my visiting clients say “Now my song is sounding great” :laughing::laughing:

:joy: I get this plus a comment ‘wow that makes a big difference’ before I do anything. I always warn them these days, wait until I tell you I’ve done it before you say it’s great!!!

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so is this in the works?
most of us thought that V10 would bring the highly requested GUI updates with retina resolution ready plugins/scaleability



As I mentioned earlier in this thread:

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Hi. I really hope that Waves will bring resizable GUI (and Console 1 integration) soon :sunglasses:
All the best.

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