... Waves Tune would get a new user interface

For a long time I’ve worked with Autotune. It was my standard. I also tried Melodyne, but I really don’t like its sound even though it has a great user interface. A year ago I found out that Waves Tune sounds even better (more natural) than Autotune and it is less expensive. I don’t know why it took so long for me to find out. Because of the sound I now choose Waves Tune everytime, but I often regret that it has such a small user interface and the workflow is not as smooth as it could be. So this would be really cool if Waves Tune would get a new and especially bigger user interface. Greetings from Germany!

Agreed, i would also love a bigger interface !

The wait is finally over! V12 is out with resizable plugin GUI’s!


More info here!