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I find it hard to understand why the GUI’s of the Waves plugins (of which I have ■■■■ loads) are so outdated. Why don’t they have the resizing capabilities of so many of its competitors.
Not only that, but i have to pay $250 to upgrade to the latest version . …and they arew STILL useless in this regard!! Please. How hard is it?? It should have been done years ago.
I have so many other GUIs from all sorts of software that I can resize anyway I like which is great.
But with Waves…I have to put my glasses back on.
Very poor I think.

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Hi @colindodd1964

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Basically, from V12 the plugins are resizeable, and also some plugins got HiDPI graphics support.

Maybe you purchased the Update Plan, but didn’t get the latest version from the website.?

Make sure to update the licenses to the latest version by going to the Get Latest Version page, and then update the plugins and activate the licenses via Waves Central.

Hope this information will assist you.

Have a great day. :slight_smile:

I believe they are working on updating the UIs, as we’ve already seen them re-release the SSL and Waves Tune (or Tune RT) plugins.

They just have A LOT of plugins to go through, plus this Rosetta comparability they have to contend with on the Mac. So I imagine this is why there is a bit of a delay with getting it all out.

Waves Tune is the best sounding autotune plugin with the worst user interface on the market. It needs resizable GUI, sound while move note up or down and zero latency mode

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I’ve always been a fan of Waves Tune Realtime – which DID get the HiDPI update. That makes me think they might get the updates you’re requesting for V13. I’m sure they know it’s needed.

As you point out, it’s more than a little challenging to navigate in the small window. With a scalable window – usability would be massively increased.

WavesTune RT is great for mockups and quick harmonies and real-time use of course. Often its also good enough to put on the lead vocals of a production as well, as long as it doesn’t need huge amounts of manual manipulation.

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Yeah. My wife is a professionally trained opera singer so her recordings are particularly compatible with Waves Tune RT! My own singing though requires that I set a scale for it to work.

Recently I started using Waves Tune (not realtime) and it’s really a shame that the UI gets in the way, because it does function well. There’s just a lot of scrolling. Even if the only update was to make the window scalable to any side I could do so much more with it.

I’m guessing a non-scaling window (draggable resize) is part of the core Waves UI code, though, so it’s a big investment.

In fact – I bet they would write a new tune plugin as a new product before they would update that old one in that regard… But on that note, I would welcome it!

Sometimes I feel a bit like a weirdo Waves fan because I keep such a close eye to anything new. I think the most recent plugins were CLA Epic and Vocal Bender. I get a ton of use out of both. Epic sounds great and has really nice presets — and Vocal Bender REALLY comes to life with automation!!!

I use Vocal Bender on backing vocals in flat mode, automating the notes — to repitch vocals and add harmonies, etc.

Anyhow, I am so eagerly awaiting Waves V13! I bought two years of WUP last time it went on sale so I’m pretty much in for the long haul. I appreciated that Vocal Bender and Epic were added to Mercury!

Yeah I imagine Waves might do a new pitch plugin some time soon to supersede WavesTune, hopefully with polyphonic pitch manipulation. It’s more likely to be new plugin so it doesn’t mess with the backwards compatibility.

Nothing destroys backwards compatibility like adding new features to a plugin.

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