ARA Support for Waves Tune

I really like Waves Tune but the GUI always keeps me from using it more. That would totally change with ARA support. The ability to have Waves Tune embedded in a DAW pretty much like Melodyne or Cubase’s VariAudio would be super cool.


Yeah I pretty much agree with you. ARA support would be an integral move in the right direction.

Concerning the interface, it would be great if they bought it in line with WavesTune RT’s aesthetics. Considering they just updated the Renaissance UI this may actually happen if enough of us ask!!

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I’m not so much concerned with GUI aesthetics. Ergonomy is the key factor here. Pitch editing in a small window where you spend half your time zooming in, zooming out, dragging to whatever direction you need is kind of of a nightmare. If Waves can spare some coding resources to redesign the GUI, cool, but I don’t consider that the main priority. DAW integration and fullscreen capability - that’s the thing!

Hi. I totally agree. I suggested this on the old forum, but didn’t get much traction.
All the best.

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Yes but that’s the thing, you can’t just add “resizing” to a UI that’s not equiped to do it. You have to design one to be resizable from the beginning.

So if you’re going to be doing that, you may as well create something more cojnistemt in terms of look and feel.

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Fair enough, that totally makes sense.

+1 for ARA and any kind of resizing we can get. Getting left in the dust by the competitors for usability when the actual tuning is top notch and deserves better.

The wait is finally over! V12 is out with resizable plugin GUI’s!


More info here!

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I like Waves Tune too. :slight_smile:
And I want to support ARA.
I feel that the GUI needs to be redesigned.
I want waves to do it.

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