Waves Tune Real-Time MIDI Automation IS A BIG DEAL

This one simple addition to Waves Tune Real-Time has the potential to benefit hundreds of thousands of people!

It is safe to say that this plugin is the best bang-for-the-buck pitch correction out there. I love it and have used to tune vocals in a live setting for while now. In a live setting, its most common use is to pitch correct vocals chromatically. It works well, but sometimes corrects notes to an unnecessary interval (i.e. a singer is a little too flat on a major 3rd and it becomes a perfectly tuned minor 3rd.) That’s why the “Scale Root” and “Scale Type” options exist, but they cannot “MIDI Learn” like some of the other functions within the plugin. What if they could?!?! It means you could use a DAW like Ableton to send a MIDI signal directly to the plugin that could change the “Scale Root” and “Scale Type” for the particular song you are singing! GAME CHANGER.

I have been mildly successful in this regard. I can send midi, via a network, from Ableton to Protools that changes the “Scale Root” and “Scale Type”. That is ONLY because I am using Waves Studio Rack to hold Waves Tune Real-Time and the Macros within Studio Rack are actually MIDI learnable. At best, it works normally, but sometimes there is some miscommunication between the Studio Rack and the Waves Tune Real-Time within. The rack macros will adjust to the correct “Scale Root” and “Scale Type”, but the Waves Tune Real-Time will not always change correctly. It seems finicky. Like something isn’t working correctly. It’s probably because its not really intended to work like that, I digress.

Whoever the project manager is for this one, please consider making this adjustment. It would genuinely benefit so many people and make this product ROCK SOLID.


I think you have a valid point.

The only workaround I can think of is to alter the notes via automation, but that would require you running a “backing track” for the song.

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