Waves tune not detecting vocals

When I plug in my mic or put in acapellas, the plugin does not work. Can somebody help me to fix this?

Hi @matmic222
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Note that Waves Tune is intended to be used on pre-recorded vocals, while adjusting the notes within the plug-in’s GUI after a scan.

For live pitch corrections, we introduced Waves Tune Real-Time, which will correct vocals during live recordings or shows.

If Waves Tune is not scanning and correcting pre-recorded vocal tracks, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team to advise.

Hope that helps!

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Waves Tune Real-Time is also known by WavesTune RT.

Something else to look out for is make sure your microphone is working correctly first before engaging the plugin. In some cases, you can only use these type of plugins on the first insert slot. I don’t know if that is the case with WavesTune RT, though.