Waves Tune Real-time Midi Control of scale root

Hi, I’m working on a project in Logic Pro X where I need to change the key (scale root) if multiple instances of Waves Tune Real Time simultaneously. My plan is to use an Elgato streamdeck to send midi messages. So far all I seem to be able to do is scroll through the root notes, not select specific ones which is what I need to do. Any idea if this is actually possible and if so anyone know how?

Use Logic’s automation instead. You’ll be able to set a precise change.

There is an option you can engage in the menu (Mix I think) called something like “Autoselect Automation Parameter”. Making sure you have that engaged and clicking on the relative control in the plugin should make it easier to find the right parameter to automate.

Thanks for the response. I am happy to be told otherwise but I don’t think logic’s automation will work for me. I am in a live mixing scenario where multiple songs are played sequentially so I need to be able to change key of the tuning plugin “on the fly” it is not something I can write to the track automation.

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Ah I was wondering whether it’s for live use.

You can try rigging Tune up to Logic’s Smart Controls and connect your controller to that. A little cumbersome, but you can probably find a few other things you might want to “connect” giving you more opportunity to exploit it.

Mind you, MainStage is designed more for live use and should be compatible with your Logic presets. You might want to have a look at that too.

If you’re already using a DAW and you manage to overcome the latency in live situations, why not use SuperRack? You can set snapshots for your plugins and control it via a MIDI controller easily.


Not a bad suggestion. Although it becomes a bit problematic if he’s also using other non-Waves plugins in a live situation.

Still, that may not be the case here

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